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Big garden marathon on landscape design: expert answers!

February 10, Facebook hosted the Big Garden Marathon of questions and answers to the burning topic. In its course, the design of the suburban area was discussed: everything about current trends and classical solutions, about plants and architecture in the garden area, about the technical characteristics of the garden and the problems that arise ... Ten experts answered their questions from users: Natalya Borisova, landscape architect, founder NB-Garden landscape workshop, winner and member of the jury of landscape festivals; Sergey Sizyy, lighting designer, member of the International Association of Lighting Designers IALD, founder of the international lighting design studio LiDS Lighting Design Studio; Sergey Melnikov and Dmitry Sologub, Altrain company specialists, with more than 15 years of experience in the adaptation and successful implementation of irrigation systems of objects of different levels of complexity; Igor Fedorov, landscape architect, CEO and founder of the company Novy Sad; Tatiana Zvezdochkina, landscape designer, founder and owner of Venus Design; Ksenia Ishevskaya, agronomist of the Store for Nurseries company; Lyubov Danilina, Lead Consultant, Garden Department, Leroy Merlin; Dmitry Zvonka, arborist, musician, tree grower, traveler, teacher, consultant, chief gardener; Alexey Petelin, CEO and Founder of Ecopochva-LD, a green building specialist with 25 years of experience, a practicing specialist in the field of greening roofs.

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15 products for cheerfulness and good mood

When the sun pleases less and less, and it rains more and more often, it is difficult to stay positive. We have prepared a selection of products that will help fight the autumn blues and bad mood. Increasingly, I want to wrap up blanket and hibernate until spring? Even hot tea does not tone up at all, but only strengthens the desire to take a nap?

Decorative ashberry

Many are accustomed to the fact that mountain ash is a wild-growing tree with openwork leaves and bitter-tasting orange-red fruits. However, the genus Rowan has about 80 species of trees with berries of various colors. Rowan looks elegant at any time of the year. Whatever the type and variety you choose, the plant will make your garden bright, and in the fall it will be impossible to look away from its scarlet brushes.

We meet summer

Check for a case of frost. No matter how it seems to you that the cold season, with its negative temperatures, is behind, and summer has finally entered into legal rights. So that trees and shrubs tolerate a cold snap, water them regularly and cover them overnight if necessary. Normalize the grapes In order to increase the grape harvest, in the beginning of summer it is necessary to remove from the vine all excess shoots and clusters that take nutrients.

Rules for the care of roses in the spring

Spring pruning and the first treatment of roses is an important and responsible event, on which the beauty of your flower garden depends. How to do it right and not harm the plants, we tell in this article. The rose is not without reason considered the queen of flowers. This beauty has been praised for centuries not only by flower growers, but also by poets and artists.

5 kinds of grilled fish

In the summer season really want to cook in the fresh air. Kebabs, steaks, vegetables and, of course, fish. Find out which fish to grill. Grilling meat is very simple - it is enough to pickle and fry it on the coals. With fish everything is almost the same, only a little more complicated. Not all types of fish are suitable for cooking on charcoal.

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What is a mobile home?

Moving to a new place, we are forced to say goodbye to their home. Transportation of a building is a complex and expensive process that is impossible without special equipment and the efforts of dozens of people. However, mobile homes have recently been developed that will always follow you. The main requirement for a mobile home is the possibility of its transportation and installation in a new place without costs comparable to the construction of a new mansion.

How and what to fertilize trees in the garden

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium - without this "trio" you cannot even dream of good fruit bearing of trees and rich harvests. We need to feed trees with these microelements at least twice a year, and we will tell you how to do it correctly. Both young and adult trees need special care.

8 varieties of yellow raspberry that will not disappoint you

We offer a selection of proven varieties of yellow raspberries that will delight you with a generous harvest of tasty and healthy berries. We are ready to argue that with the word "raspberry" in your imagination a quite appetizing picture of a ruby-red berry arises, which you tear from a bush and with pleasure put in your mouth. What about yellow raspberries?

Proper planning of the rest room in the bath

The relaxation room in the bath is as important as the steam room or shower. After all, it is here that receive the main charge of cheerfulness and positive. Learn how to equip it, so that each trip to the bathhouse brings maximum pleasure. The bath provides an opportunity to simultaneously improve and cleanse your body, as well as to distract from the daily fuss.

Create a project flower garden

Make a plan In winter, when there is little work on the site, there is time to come up with incredible ideas for updating flower beds. Make a plan of planting annual plants, think about which flowers you will make a mixborder, and which plants will "settle" on an alpine slide. Study the special literature Look at the catalogs of plants and seeds, look through magazines with examples of site design and be inspired by creative ideas.

Low-growing tomatoes - the most fruitful varieties

Do you know that low-growing varieties of tomatoes bring an early and friendly harvest? We will show you how to choose the best varieties of low-growing tomatoes for greenhouses and open ground. Low-growing tomatoes rarely reach a height of more than 100 cm, but on these compact bushes the fruits ripen early. They can be of very different weight (from 80 g to 1 kg), they are easy to grow both in open ground and in the greenhouse.

Planting calendar: white cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, broccoli

Many types of vegetables are planted in the soil early enough so that they can mature in 4 weeks before frost is stable. Almost all plants have many varieties with different ripening periods, different yields. In order to get high and stable yields, you must adhere to the requirements of agricultural engineering and wait for the soil to warm up sufficiently for transplanting.

6 most important questions about growing hydrangea

With regular and proper care, which is fairly simple, the hydrangea is a spectacularly flowering shrub with large balls or panicles of inflorescences. If your hydrangea refuses to bloom, it means that you are somewhere wrong with the growing conditions. In the material you will find detailed answers to the most popular questions about the care of hydrangeas in the garden and at home.

When to dig dahlias and how to store tubers in the winter at home

Dahlia - the favorite of many gardeners, its luxurious flowers of different shapes and shades are able to decorate any area. Despite the fact that the plant originates from South America, it is not difficult to save dahlias for the winter if suitable conditions are created. In order for the dahlias to bloom in the new season, it is important to arrange a warm winter for the tubers.

Pros and cons of snow in the garden

If during severe frosts the soil in the garden and the garden is bare, the underground parts of the plants may die. Snow cover will help to avoid this, however, excess wet snow can cause damage to crops. Fluffy snow, which lingers on the electric wires, the roof (especially on the visor at the porch), steps and garden paths, often turns into a thick layer of ice.

3 ways to breed blueberries

There are several ways to breed blueberries. Learn how to propagate this culture by layering, partial shrubs, part of the rhizome. Depending on the type of blueberry, plant age, season and your personal preferences, this culture can be propagated in various ways. We will tell about three of them.