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What and when to feed grapes to harvest a good harvest

In order to grow a capricious southern culture in the middle lane, the grapes must be regularly fertilized, and to do it wisely. Regular application of organic matter alone will not save the vine; for abundant fruiting, it needs a variety of top dressing. The saddest thing about this is that even those gardeners who regularly feed the grapes with mineral complexes, manage to harm their plantings.

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5 mistakes when growing currants, which deprive you of the harvest

It is necessary to care for currants from spring to autumn. If you let everything take its course, the harvest will inevitably fall, and the berries will be small and tasteless. Even the best varieties of currants can not reach their full potential. Currant is one of the most beloved berries and a real survivor of our gardens. That is why many consider it an unpretentious plant and completely forget to take care of it.

The very first - the calendar of flowering spring bulbous flowers from March to May

Despite the fluffy March snow outside the window, we confidently promise you - and this year the spring will take place! Warm days will come, the birds will sing and the first flowers will bloom in the garden. And so that you do not miss this moment, we have prepared for you a spring bulbous calendar. In the calendar you will find the beginning and timing of flowering of the most popular bulbous plants, as well as their descriptions and photos.

Ecological gardening - how to get excellent harvest of berries without the "chemistry"

Organic gardening has become very popular among owners of dacha plots. But not everyone knows where to start this useful activity. Hearing the phrase "organic garden", people first of all imagine the refusal of any chemical preparations and fertilizers. And since it is rather difficult to apply exclusively folk methods, not everyone is in a hurry to join the ranks of advanced gardeners.

Garden in bags: African-style vertical beds

Growing greens and vegetables in ordinary bags is a simple agricultural technique that will turn your mind about what a garden should be like. The method of growing vegetables in bags can be considered African know-how. This wonderful agricultural technology was spread in Uganda and other countries of the continent by volunteers to support poor families.

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Land for seedlings - how to cook the right mix for young plants

Seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers and cabbage will be strong and healthy if grown in the correct substrate. The future harvest of seedling crops directly depends on the quality of the soil in which it is grown. Know that there is no universal soil suitable for all plants, because each of them has its own requirements for the composition of the soil mixture.

How to keep cut tulips at home longer

Spring bright tulips - decoration of any holiday. However, often these fragile flowers, when brought home, do not even wait for the celebration and begin to fade right before our eyes. Yes, and in the vase, they usually live very long, dropping their heads and losing petals. How, at home, to extend the life of cut tulips for as long as possible?


The wild rose is known to many firsthand. Prickly shrubs are grown not only to produce healthy fruits rich in vitamin C, but also as a garden decoration. For example, to create hedges. Rosehip is the "ancestor" of all cultivated roses. But unlike the picky queens of the flower garden, he does not need shelter for the winter, pruning, timely watering and careful protection from diseases and pests.

Tomato seedling picking - step by step master class

Tomato seedlings dive in the phase of two true leaves (usually 10-14 days after emergence). In order to not harm the seedlings, but rather to stimulate their growth, it is necessary to follow some rules. It is important that seedlings do not outgrow. Tomatoes tolerate transplant well, so do not be afraid that small sprouts in a new container will not take root.

Cooking dahlias for wintering

Decorate the autumn garden will help dahlias. However, these flowers are as whimsical as they are beautiful. They need close care throughout the year, including proper preparation for the winter. Digging dahlias and their preparation for storage is a matter of responsibility, because the flowering of plants in the new season depends on how the planting materials overwinter.

How to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse and open field

Proper watering of tomatoes - the key to a good harvest. How often do you need to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse and open ground. How much water is needed for irrigation. Is it possible to combine watering with fertilizing? We will tell about all this in today's material. Watering tomatoes is a simple matter. But there are a number of nuances. Especially progressive gardeners experiment, trying to do without water at all.

10 original ideas of concrete and plaster garden sculptures

Garden sculptures made of plaster and concrete are rapidly gaining popularity. The landscape designer or sculptor lives in every owner of the dacha, you just need to wake up this talent in yourself. We hope our inspirational selection will help you with this. No garden or park can do without sculptures, which are made of various materials and installed in the center or secluded corners.

6 myths about organic farming, which will turn your understanding of it

Organic farming is often advertised as an agricultural technique that produces a more delicious, healthy crop and does not harm the environment. But is this really the case? Recently, organic products and eco-farming have become a real trend. Apples and cucumbers grown by an "organic" farmer usually cost more than "traditional" ones, and many myths and stereotypes hover around the method itself.