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We multiply petunias by cuttings

These bright and unpretentious flowers - a great option for hanging baskets, small containers and original flower beds. You can easily decorate your balcony, veranda or porch with petunias. And in order not to spend money on the purchase of a large number of seedlings or not to bother with the seeds, try to multiply petunia with cuttings.

Perennial flowers that do not need to dig for the winter

Good news for owners of beds with perennials - some types of favorite flowers do not need to be dug out for the winter and stored in a warm room. Today we will talk about the most popular perennials that successfully winter in open ground. Most of the popular perennials that grow in the country (dahlias, gladioli, cannes, oriental, Asian, tubular and American lilies, tuberous begonias, anemones and freesia) are from southern and wet countries and are in general unfamiliar with the state of rest and winter hibernation ".

Planting seedlings - how to avoid mistakes?

Planting seedlings on a permanent place is a responsible and delicate matter. You need to be extremely careful not to damage the young plants. We will tell you what rules it is important to follow. In an open ground or greenhouse, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and cucumbers are planted when the earth warms to a minimum of 15 ° C at a depth of 10 cm.

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How to plan a garden on a small plot?

If you can not boast of a large summer cottage, but really want to break a full-fledged garden, our article will be useful to you. Any country house owner would like to have a garden with fresh greens and vegetables on hand, even if the plot is very modest in size. Fortunately, thanks to some tricks to break the garden, which will bring a good harvest, it is possible even in the most cramped conditions - there would be a desire.

How to recognize invasive plants in the area

Invasive plants include a whole group of weeds that have expanded their range of distribution and pose a serious threat to agriculture and people. Today we will talk about the most dangerous and viable species of "alien" plants. Climate change does not always have a positive effect on the plant world of a particular region.

Organic farming is a real-life experience of getting super-yield

Organic farming is becoming increasingly popular, including in Europe and the USA. Its effectiveness has been repeatedly proven and tested, as evidenced by the gathering of organic farming. The small town of Selmer (Tennessee, USA) became a meeting place for organic farming enthusiasts and farmers from all over North America.

How to care for cucumbers in the open field

Caring for cucumbers in the open field is quite simple, but has some special features. We will tell about them in this article. The growth of cucumbers can be restrained by the wind, as it enhances evaporation and takes away carbon dioxide, which is very important for the formation of female flowers. Therefore, the first thing the plants need to sow properly in a suitable place protected from the wind.

Alatar, KE

Description Alatar, KE - a broad spectrum insecticide. It has intestinal-contact action. It protects potatoes, roots, berries and fruit crops, as well as ornamental trees and shrubs, open-field flower cultures from the pest complex. Preparative form - a concentrated, clear-colored emulsion.

Cooking potato tubers for planting: how not to miss important points

Sprouting and processing of potato tubers before planting is an important process. After all, before the emergence of shoots and the beginning of photosynthesis, only the mother tuber will be a source of energy and all the nutrients for the new plant. That is why in the case of potatoes, the preparation of planting material should be given special attention - this is a guarantee of a good and healthy harvest.

Rabatka - a type of flower bed

Rabatku often confused with mixborder or border. However, this is an independent flower arrangement that will help flower growers to solve several problems at once in the design of the garden plots. If on your site there is still no rabatki, by all means create this flower garden. Perhaps it will be the very starting point, which in the future will help to form a complete landscape composition.

What to cook from stale bread

Do not be upset if yesterday, fresh and soft bread today has become stale and hard. The stale bread can still be used in cooking, preparing a tender soup, fresh salad, an interesting appetizer, and even dessert. More recipes - in our collection. In order not to throw away the stale bread, use it to prepare these delicious dishes.

Why do strawberries turn red leaves?

Many have strawberries - one of the most beloved berries. However, fruiting may not occur if the plant is overcome by serious ailments, for example, redness of the leaves. How to cope with this problem? Redness of the leaves can be observed throughout the growing season. And this phenomenon may have several reasons.

When and how to replant galantus?

When to replant galantus: spring or early autumn? Flower growers can not come to a single solution. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Galanthus, or popularly snowdrops, are called flowers of hope in many countries. And this name is quite true, because these are the first flowers that delight us with their appearance in early spring.

3 ways to get rid of a bear

The fact that the bear is a terrible beast, and how much damage it can cause to seedlings, even beginner gardeners know. Method one - plastic A few years ago, Medvedka made a real attack on our garden. A great way to protect it from prompted sellers seedlings. The plastic bottle, irreplaceable in many cases, was useful this time too.

Beet leaves turn red - why it happens and what to do

Beets are unpretentious in cultivation, but if the rules of agricultural technology are not followed, reddening of the leaves may occur. Such cultures are stunted and develop incorrectly. Immediately, we note that reddening of leaves in beets is not always a sign of any disease. In some varieties (Sugar and Claret), the tops become red as a result of frequent and abundant watering.