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The secrets of growing broccoli cabbage in the middle lane

Broccoli cabbage is a tasty, healthy and unpretentious plant in the care. In order to get a good harvest of this crop in your garden, it is sufficient to follow the recommendations on cultivation and care. Asparagus cabbage, or broccoli, as it is most commonly called in everyday life, has invariably been included in the diet of the Italians for about 1.5 thousand years, but in the middle lane it has not yet received much distribution.

Splitting shots - everything a gardener needs to know

Graft trees are one of the easiest and most versatile ways to renew your aging garden. Learn how to do it correctly, so that the cuttings successfully take root. Gardeners use the splitting of grafts, firstly, to make varietal garden renewal, and secondly, to increase the “immunity” of trees to the vagaries of nature.

Pergolas from the tree do it yourself from scrap materials

Arbor can be built in different ways. But the most "spiritual" material remains a tree. And it is doubly pleasant to be in it when it was built by itself. Therefore, many people are interested in how to build a gazebo with their own hands. To build a cozy gazebo on your site, it is not at all necessary to call for the help of construction professionals or to spend money on an already finished building.

Fertilizers for seedlings - what to choose and how to feed the plants

Good seedlings - a pledge of a rich harvest. Let's talk about what kind of fertilizer to feed the seedlings and how to do it in order to achieve maximum results. It is believed that the best fertilizers for seedlings should contain a complex of useful substances important for the full development of the plant: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (for example, the preparation of a nitroammophos contains an equal amount of these elements).

Fruit garden in landscape design - the perfect solution for a small plot

Even in a small area you can fit both a house, a garden with a garden, and a flower garden. Landscape composition can be composed not only of ornamental plants, but also fruit trees. After all, with proper layout, they look just as good. In landscape design, fruit trees are rarely used, because there are many ornamental shrubs and trees that can make an attractive composition on the site.

10 principles of permaculture - practical application in the garden

Permanent agriculture has become a reaction to traditional and outdated methods of dealing with land and plants. It denies the need for plowing, the use of pesticides and the reworking of the environment for their needs. Permaculture is a new system of home gardening, which is the minimum expenditure of time and resources and update the environment.

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All about growing carrots - detailed instructions for beginners

At first glance, it is very simple to grow carrots - I dug up a ridge, sowed seeds, watered a couple of times and wait for the harvest. Alas, this is not the case, and so “lazy” agricultural technology will lead to crooked and tasteless fruits. Properly plant carrots, too, need to be able to! If you are going to plant this root vegetable for the first time or do not get the same vegetables as the ones painted on the package, then this instruction is for you.

Top 10 latest vegetables

Not all vegetables can and should be removed from the ridges in August and September. There are those who can diversify your diet until the last month of autumn, before the first frost. Of course, they are not as popular as their summer brethren, but the benefits of them are just as good. For those summer residents who want to extend the season and are not in a hurry to leave their site, we picked up ten healthy and tasty vegetables that are not only not afraid of the cold, but also easy to grow.

How to grow a delphinium from seeds at home - step by step instructions

Larkspur (it is also commonly used as a delphinium, or a borer) includes several hundred single and perennial plants, many of which are very decorative - the plant enters the garden culture from the 17th century, delighting with a variety of varieties and colors, as well as unpretentiousness. The best breeding methods for a brat - cuttings or seeds.

Beetroot: the best recipes for tasty winter preparations

Beets are well stored all winter fresh. But you can also prepare it for future use. And how nice it will be to get a jar of bright and fragrant beetroot salad and surprise the guests who have suddenly appeared suddenly! Perhaps not many eat such vegetables, which are ideal for harvesting. Beetroot - one of them. It is easy to prepare for processing, it does not boil soft during cooking.

Why pear does not bloom - 7 most likely reasons

Pears are successfully grown on most of our territory, because these trees are well acclimatized and there are varieties adapted to the most severe conditions. But what if you planted a tree, and year after year you can’t wait for it to bloom? A pear cannot be called a capricious tree: it develops with equal success on different types of soil, with a small number of warm days or an excess of precipitation.

10 interesting facts about cats, which you never knew

Currently, there are more than 600 million domestic cats in the world - that is, almost every 12th person has this animal. Russia, Turkey, Canada, America, Saudi Arabia and almost all of Western Europe are places on the planet where, according to statistics, these pets are preferred over all others.

Top host varieties for planting in 2016

Khosta is an indispensable ornamental plant for shady parts of a garden. These perennials are ideal for growing in borders and mixborders, at the foot of the Alpine hills and in the trunks of tree trunks. If this year you decide to settle hosts in your garden, we offer a selection of 7 worthy varieties of this beautiful plant.

Thyme (thyme): features of cultivation

This grass is known to many. It grows almost everywhere, in the fields and meadows. Thyme plant is just one of more than 400 representatives of the thyme genus, a short shrub with a branching woody stem. Thyme: Species and Varieties Thanks to unpretentiousness and adaptability, thyme grows in Europe, America, Asia and North Africa.

How to make a garden map

Before planting plants in open ground, you need to make a plan of plantings. This will help to avoid many mistakes, besides, a premeditated garden will look much more harmonious than a quick-set one. Your plan of landings can look like anything: in the form of a handwritten list or a whole map.

Cherry plum hybrid - cultivation, shaping and pruning

Hybrid cherry plum is becoming increasingly popular in our gardens. This culture is less whimsical to growing conditions; it is less likely to be damaged by diseases and pests. And the fruits - in no way inferior plum. For their exceptional aroma and taste, many amateur gardeners call this cherry plum apricot or peach plum.

We propagate and plant flowers

Divide garden flowers In early August, you can do the division and transplantation of asters, delphiniums, doronicum, nyvianik, phlox. In order for plants to start well, choose healthy parts of rhizomes with several buds for planting. Sick planting material is better to reject. Multiply peonies Augustus - the best time for digging, dividing and planting pions.