Garden beds - how to get super crop of cucumbers?

Some gardeners for growing cucumbers make a garden box. Their advantages are simplicity in the care of plants and the opportunity to get a high yield from a small area.

Every year I plant less and less cucumbers, but the number of fruits collected does not decrease. The reason is that the catastrophic lack of time for the care of a large bed has led to the development of technology that allows collecting at least 100 greens from 1 square meter.

How do I make a fruit gardening box

I prepare a bed for cucumbers in the fall. I have it in a wooden box measuring 3.5 m by 80 cm. At the end of August I add wood ash (one-liter jar) and sow mustard. Already in the middle of September, I close the siderats and bring 3 buckets of humus on the basis of manure. In October, in the center I do the ditch and put the leaves of birch and comfrey into it, water it with a solution of Fitosporin and fall asleep with humus. The bed is covered with a dense spunbond. Two weeks before the cucumber seedlings are planted, I water the garden with warm water and re-cover it with a film so that the earth warms up as much as possible.

On the eve of planting, I dig a 60-cm-wide trench on a full bayonet of a shovel, folding the ground in a wheelbarrow. At the bottom of the trench I fill with a humus layer of 5-7 cm and pour it with warm water with the addition of Extrasol or Baikal EM-1 (according to the instructions). For the night I lay. Before planting the soil is watered abundantly.

Planting cucumber seedlings

I plant seedlings in the center of the trench and fall asleep in the soil that was in the car. On a bed of 3.5 m I plant 12 plants strictly in the center in one row.

At the edges of the trench, I carefully add superphosphate (100 g is spent on my bed). I water the soil with a warm solution of Extrasol or Baikal EM-1. I mulch with cut straw or hay to a height of 7-8 cm, slightly wetting. On top of I put mulch from humus 2 cm thick.

Peculiarities of growing cucumbers in boxes

Above the bed I put the arc and cover the film. A week later, at the edges of the garden, I put stakes 1.7 m high, fasten the crossbar on them and tie up the plants. Until the end of May, cucumbers harbor spunbond.

For the whole season (and cucumbers grow on this garden until the end of August) I feed 3 times and only with green fertilizer, adding a handful of wood ash to the bucket. Twice - in the middle of June and in the first decade of July - I spray mulch and lower leaves with a solution of Fitosporin. I water cucumbers rarely and only at the root.

Another option beds-boxes

In the same way I grow cucumbers, which I plant in a square box in late June - early July (for seedlings - in the second decade of June). Only support for these cucumbers do as a wigwam.

Only 6 bushes give an excellent harvest. Last fall, it was warm until mid-October, and she also threw nonwoven fabric on the wigwam, so there were plenty of fresh young cucumbers; they remained in the fridge until November 10th.

3 advantages of the garden in boxes

  • Need a smaller area and fewer plants. At the same time, due to the powerful root system, the natural burning of straw and the release of heat and carbon dioxide of the plant, they are stronger and healthier.
  • Thick mulch allows you to retain moisture, no need to loosen the soil, no weeds.
  • Lack of disease and pests. The use of microbiological preparations protects against the pathogenic microflora.

Try it and you grow cucumbers in boxes. It is not difficult, and the rich harvest of tasty fruits will pleasantly surprise you!

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