How to protect yourself from insects during a country holiday

Not only humans love heat, but also blood-sucking insects. Mosquitoes and ticks in the country have become a real disaster, and one cannot exclude occasional bites of wasps, gadflies and bees. Is it possible to protect yourself and loved ones from this all-pervading misfortune?

The spring-summer season is the peak of the activity of most annoying and dangerous insects: flies, mosquitoes, gadflies, wasps and ticks. In order to protect themselves and their children from their bites and minimize the risk of encephalitis, carried by ticks, it is better to take precautions in advance.

Zones of summer country rest in Western Europe and the USA are not much different from the dacha and cottage settlements in the territory of the former USSR Almost everywhere there are gardens where people work, relax, spend a lot of time in the fresh air.

Unfortunately, the time of daytime and evening get-togethers is the most convenient for attacking by no means peace-loving insects: mosquitoes, gadflies, flies, and wasps that fly on the tempting smells of meat dishes and the warmth of human bodies.

The most common measure of protection against aggressive insects are gazebos, tents and tents with mosquito nets made of transparent synthetic materials. Today, foreign manufacturers offer a variety of modern, environmentally friendly structures made of prefabricated steel, plastic or aluminum pillars and slats.

However, huge gazebos with curtains, mosquito nets may seem to our summer residents not to be the best buy. So, having understood their device, having estimated utility and functionality, many owners of country houses will be able independently to make protective grids which in no way will be inferior to foreign analogues.

Reliable curtains for garden arbors can be sewn from old tulle curtains and gauze. The open space between the gazebos can also be draped with a small plastic or cloth mesh. This will delay daylight a little, but it will completely protect people from contact with annoying flies, blood-sucking mosquitoes and treacherous ticks.

Effective mosquito and tick spray

Today, there are many effective and effective means of mosquito bites, midges and ticks. The general rules for applying them are fairly simple. The fluid must be sprayed onto clothing and exposed areas of the body. And within 6-7 hours the probability of insect attacks on humans will be virtually eliminated. There are also special means to protect pets.

The main component of modern sprays is icaridin. This is a new chemical compound developed by the German company Bayer, which appeared in the early 2000s.

Try to choose remedies for bites, which are recommended for use not only in adults, but also in children, since such drugs do not cause allergic reactions and inflammation of the skin. To use insect sprays is necessary during hiking in the forest, trips to the lake and just relaxing in a country plot.

Summer residents have long known that by planting shrubs of fragrant citronella, they are guaranteed to relieve themselves and their family from the annoying attention of insatiable "bloodsuckers".

Given the mosquito hostility to this plant, scientists have invented garden candles, which, unlike ordinary candles, contain citronella oil. These candles burn with a very strong and bright flame, filling the air with fragrant smoke, the smell of which scares mosquitoes.

Consumers still have not reached a consensus on the 100% effectiveness of citronella oil candles. Some sharply criticize this invention, considering it ineffective, others, on the contrary, praise and purchase goods in large quantities. These candles are sold in large supermarkets, in the departments of garden tools.

Badminton racket electric fly swatters are a fairly new invention. This effective device for the destruction of annoying and dangerous insects will appeal to both children and adults. All of them with great pleasure hunt for harmful insects during picnics and other events under the open sky.

In the plastic case of the racket, instead of a fishing line, thin metal wires are used along which electric current passes from the battery installed in the handle. Covering an insect with this "racket", you literally incinerate it with a series of electrical discharges.

A useful device, developed with the participation of many engineers and specialists, is already on sale in the CIS. It is in considerable demand, since it is convenient to operate in the city and in the countryside.

Ticks, unlike mosquitoes, wasps and gadflies, are dangerous because they do not produce an unpleasant squeak or characteristic buzz when attacking a person. These insects are small, and their bites are painless. If you do not notice them in time or do not attach importance, you can get tick-borne encephalitis.

People began to be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis more often, and special means have been developed for protection against pet tick bites. All tourists traveling on a tour of the forest or protected areas of Western Europe, travel organizers recommend to be vaccinated against tick bites.

Russian epidemiologists are proposing to vaccinate during the autumn-winter period, so that in response to the introduction of serum, the body has developed a strong immunity to the dangerous disease by summer. You can make this vaccine in the clinic at the place of residence.

The world of wildlife is beautiful, but there are many unexpected dangers in it. It is not known how the human body can react to a mosquito, wasp, gadfly or tick bite. Someone gets off the skin with a slight itching, and someone may have an acute allergic reaction and the need for hospitalization. To avoid negative consequences, it is better to protect yourself in advance by taking all necessary measures.

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