20 best varieties of lilac (photo description)

Some love the thunderstorm in early May, while others prefer the lush blooming of fragrant lilac. What kind of varieties to give preference to spring flower bed played with bright colors?

Lilac of all varieties exudes a pleasant smell, which we often associate with the approach of summer. Therefore, no matter what variety you choose, fragrant garden is provided to you. But to heighten the effect, it is better to combine plants of different shades and with varying degrees of flower terry. Let's see which varieties of common lilac have already won the hearts of many gardeners.

1. Aukubafolia (Aucubaefolia)

In this attractive plant, the main advantage is not even the inflorescences, but the motley leaves, which are decorative not only in late spring, but also until the autumn. Saturated light green leaves with yellow specks and stripes are ideally combined with lilac-blue semi-double flowers.

Sometimes called Aucubaefolia implemented grade Dappled dawn - not with semi-double, but with simple flowers.

2. Beauty of Moscow

This variety of lilac is popular all over the world, it was brought out by the Soviet self-taught breeder Leonid Alekseevich Kolesnikov. Thanks to the delicate white and pink inflorescences, this plant creates a romantic atmosphere in the garden. The flowers are quite large (2.5 cm in diameter), terry and very fragrant.

Lilac Beauty of Moscow awarded the title "The most beautiful lilac of the world."

3. Belle de Nancy

This variety is the progenitor of widely known Beauties of Moscow. Terry lilac-pink flowers with a silvery shade adorn a sprawling bush in the middle lane from late May to June. It is noteworthy that in summer the flowers fade slightly and become mother-of-pearl-pink.

4. Henri Robert (Henri Robert)

It is impossible to look away from these dense purple or bluish-purple blooming brushes! And such an incredible effect is achieved thanks to flowers with twisting petals. The bush itself is short and rather compact.

5. Katherine Havemeyer (Katherine Havemeyer)

Variety breeding Lemoine. The plant is a sprawling multi-stemmed shrub or tree (3-5 m tall) with dark green leaves and dense terry inflorescences, which consist of large purple-purple flowers. This fragrant lilac is resistant to urban conditions, smoke, gas, heat, wind and frost.

6. Cosmos (Kosmos)

The flowers of this lilac are simple, but their beautiful lavender (blue-violet) hue leaves no one indifferent. Each flower consists of four rounded petals.

7. Massena (Massena)

This plant is loved by many thanks to its purple and reddish-purple flowers. Former president of the International Lilac Society, Colin Chapman, described Massenu like this: "The inflorescences of this variety in buds look like clusters of purple grapes, fully revealed - like big fluffy pompons of cheerleaders."

The flower stalks of this lilac are quite heavy, so the branches often lean down.

8. Miss Ellen Willmott

These semi-double white flowers with inward-curving petals look favorably against the background of dark green leaves. Lilac Miss Helen Wilmot - an indispensable plant for a monochrome white garden.

9. Night (Night)

This attractive lilac has large dark purple flowers with wide oval petals. In the sun, they appear reddish-purple. Inflorescences are loose panicles and exude a specific smell.

10. Olivier de Serres

Terry pale pink flowers are collected in pyramidal inflorescences-panicles. Thanks to the densely located numerous petals, the flowers look lush, even if the shrub receives less light.

11. Paul Deschanel

Thanks to curved pink-purple petals, double flowers also give pyramidal inflorescences pomp. However, this abundant bloom is not observed every year.

12. Primrose (Primrose)

The uniqueness of this variety is uncharacteristic for lilac color. The buds are greenish-yellow, and the flowers are creamy-yellow (they resemble a primula in color). In the summer, in the bright sun, the petals fade and often turn white, but at the same time the inflorescences emit a no less saturated pleasant aroma.

13. Princess Sturdza

At first glance, these simple pink-purple flowers are nothing special. But on the peduncle they are very compact and even, adding to the pyramidal inflorescences attractiveness.

14. Prof. Hoser (Prof. Hoser)

This variety of terry flowers is simultaneously white and magenta colors (a kind of purple), which creates the effect of a light blue tint of inflorescence. The flowers are tight and exude a rich aroma.

15. Rose of Moscow (Rose De Moscou / Minkarl)

Mutation of the famous variety Beauty of Moscow. The buds of this wonderful plant are pale lilac, and the blooming petals are white and pink. Due to the thick double-sided flowers look voluminous and lush.

16. Pearl

This variety was bred in 1964. Flowers are collected in large inflorescences up to 20 cm long, can be both simple and double. Their color varies from a delicate lilac-pink to pinkish-white with an unusual mother-of-pearl shade. And at the end of flowering petals become white. The variety is winter-hardy and resistant to temperature and air pollution.

17. Sensation

This variety was bred in 1938 and since then has not lost popularity due to the unique color of the petals. Buds have lilac Sensation - maroon-purple, and flowers - purple with white trim on the edges. Flowers are simple and exude a faint fragrance.

18. Red Moscow

The author of this variety is Leonid Alekseevich Kolesnikov. Bushes are tall, straight, with dense inflorescences up to 20 cm long. Very showy purple-red flowers do not fade in the bright sun. With their blooming yellow stamens are clearly visible.

19. Flora

This variety is considered the best among the white flowering forms of lilac. Flora blooms early: greenish buds straighten their creamy white petals. The diameter of the flowers is more than 3 cm.

20. Montaigne

The exquisite and tender inflorescences of this lilac perfectly fit into the design of a romantic garden. In summer, pink flowers fade and turn purple-white, but due to their similarity to the buds of polyanthus rose and curving, pointed petals, they continue to attract attention.

What varieties of common lilac are your favorites?

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