Vegetable garden in a pot

Living in a city and keeping at least a small vegetable garden in an apartment is a perfectly doable idea, just not always easy to implement. It would seem that the city has all the conditions for a normal life, but to grow plants at home is somewhat uncomfortable, in contrast to the suburban area.

Here mankind invents various tricky replacements for standard flower pots. An interesting idea of ​​a pot for plants was proposed by Francois Clerc. Such a pot is not only functional, it is also environmentally friendly and safe.

According to the designer, over time, the container "completely decomposes by microorganisms," and this is so important for ecological balance! Interestingly, the Graine de Pot, as it is called, is capable of holding not only flowers, but even large plants, such as a pumpkin.

Or rather, all annual plants. You just need to fill the pot with dried soil and water it from time to time. Another interesting fact is that the pot is valid for 9 months. That is, for example, in the spring you plant a seed, over the summer it grows, in the fall you harvest. And after that the pot can be used as compost for growing other plants.

Such is the biological cycle of substances.

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