Melampodium - new flower market

This plant was found in the marshy areas of Sri Lanka only in the early 80s of the last century. And immediately became a favorite among amateur flower growers, and among breeders. In just a few years, many varieties of melampodium appeared.

In our climate it is an annual. Externally, the adult plant resembles a ball flattened to the ground, woven from showy, rather large leaves and a variety of golden-yellow inflorescences-baskets with a diameter of 2.5 to 4 cm. In the sun, these bushes do not grow above 25 cm, and in the penumbra can be drawn up to 40 cm.

Against the background of reed petals, the orange center of tubular flowers looks very beautiful. In varieties and hybrids of melampodium, the flowers are almost identical, but the leaves are very different, besides they have a gentle short pubescence. The largest and most spectacular emerald leaves of the variety Discovery. But if you bought a grade Goldmillionit definitely did not lose - it starts to bloom earlier than others and is so abundant that it really seems: there are a million flowers on a bush. Most importantly, the flowers never close, and flowering continues from June to October, unless night frost hits.

How to grow melampodium?

Melampodium is great for growing in containers, hanging baskets, balcony drawers, low curbs. Very effectively decorates the edges of containers, hanging down with thick mats.

Melampodium can be planted both in open ground and in containers

Reproduction of melampodium

Grow melampodium by rassadny way. Seeds sown from February 10 to March 15. Soil for sowing, they take loose, slightly alkaline, not too nutritious, they seed up to a depth of no more than 0.5 cm. At a temperature of 20 ° C shoots appear after 7-15 days. And after 15-20 days, the seedlings dive into separate pots with a diameter of 7-9 cm.

Melampodium multiplied by seeds

The best place for landing in open ground is sunny. The soil is neutral or slightly alkaline, moisture-consuming, but well drained. Considering that the plant is from marshy places, watering should be regular.

Planting the plant in the ground

Plants are planted in open ground or on an open balcony only after the threat of recurrent frosts has passed. The distance to disembark is 20 cm apart. In the balcony boxes and containers planted a plant on the outer edge. For melampodium, not only regular watering is important, but also top dressing once in 20 days with liquid fertilizer two weeks after transplanting. Responds well to spraying warm water over the leaves. Should be protected from whitefly, spider mites and aphids. In the open ground leaves strongly eat snails.

Bright melampodium bushes will decorate any flower garden

Melampodium is a very unobtrusive plant. With its bright flowers, similar to daisies, its bushes will be able to decorate a flower garden, without obscuring other cultures.

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