How to buy seedlings of flowers: 7 important rules

Healthy flower seedlings are a pledge of lush and long flowering. If you do not have time to grow strong seedlings yourself, you can buy them. But how to choose high-quality plants that will help organize a beautiful flower garden?

If the choice of planting material to approach wisely, then bought flowers quickly take root in your garden, they will not get sick and will please with abundant flowering.

1. Buy seedlings on time

For each plant species there are the most suitable dates for planting seedlings in the ground, and they must be strictly followed. There is no point in acquiring heat-loving crops in advance (celosia, zinnias, dahlias, balsams, coleus, petunias), especially if you do not have room for them. Even if it is warm enough in the first half of May, it is better not to rush to plant seedlings: return frost can destroy it.

Flowers that are afraid of the cold should be planted in the middle lane no earlier than the beginning of June. And cold-resistant ornamental plants (viola, begonia) can be planted in early May. It is best to buy seedlings on the eve of a trip to the country.

2. Go to trusted manufacturers.

The best place to buy seedlings of flowers - nurseries, garden centers, greenhouses and exhibitions. Seedlings are also sold on the market and in online stores, but there is a risk to buy a plant of the wrong sort.

3. Discard damaged plants

Do not get broken, sick, poorly developed and nonstandard specimens that are not similar to their healthy "fellows". If you buy seedlings in cassettes, carefully inspect each seedling and check whether there are no empty cells in the container.

Poor aeration and lack of lighting often lead to the development of fungal diseases. Do not take seedlings, on the stems and leaves of which there is a mold or mucus.

4. Prefer strong plants

Collect specimens with strong stems and well-developed lateral shoots. Thin seedlings with a small number of shoots often break down during transportation and planting in open ground. In addition, do not take flowers with a bare bottom: they are likely to stretch or outgrow.

5. Choose plants with newly buds

In order to quickly get an attractive flower bed, you need to buy the right annuals. In flowering plants should be a lot of buds, but blossoming flowers - only a few. Such seedlings will delight you with a longer flowering than the specimens that you plant in the ground at the height of flowering.

6. Check that there are no pests on the seedlings.

Examine the seedlings not only from above, certainly look at the back of the leaves and petioles. Make sure that there are no spider mites, thrips, aphids, any larvae. Also avoid seedlings with any stains.

Before planting purchased seedlings in a flower garden, for prevention, spray it with Fitoverma's solution (according to the instructions) in order not to accidentally bring pests to your site from the store.

7. Provide seedlings with proper care.

The faster you plant the seedlings in the ground, the better. But if there is no such possibility so far, put the seedlings on a well-lit window sill (avoid direct sunlight), moderately water, slightly loosen the ground, and remove flowering inflorescences from flowering specimens. And do not forget to gradually accustom the seedlings to a cooler temperature and street lighting so that the plants do not experience stress on the first day in the open field.

Do you buy flower seedlings or do you prefer to grow all the crops yourself?

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