Beautiful garden with their own hands - 22 ideas for arranging the beds

How to turn your garden into a trendy and elegant corner, where you will want to come and that you can be proud of before the guests? Believe me, it's not so difficult! We have prepared for you more than 20 receptions, and you can choose from them something to your taste.

Modern suburban areas rarely filled with beds "to the eyeballs." Usually there is a place for them both for a lawn, and for a swing, and for a playground, and for a barbecue. But to fit in the resulting decorative splendor banal plantings of onions or tomatoes may not be so easy. In order not to turn your country paradise into a Soviet dacha, try to implement design solutions for growing vegetable products.

Build up vertical beds

Owners of small areas sometimes have a hard time at planning. After all, I want to place everything on my beloved weave at once, and there is almost no place for landing. And if apple trees or brazier to reduce unrealistic, then, fortunately, with ridges it is quite feasible. It is enough to place our landings not in a horizontal plane, as we used to, but vertically. For these purposes, suitable and multi-tiered ridges, and suspended wall structures, and complex pyramids, and boxes on the fence.

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Smash the garden in containers

You are actively planning the plot and do not know what will be located where, but do you want to harvest this season already? Then for you - containers wandering around the territory in which you can grow greens and small amounts of vegetables. Tanks can be both industrial production, and personally made. The main thing is not to make them too deep, so that the weight of the soil allows you to move containers around the site.

Create a decorative garden (vegetables, herbs and flowers on the same bed)

Want to always come to the garden with pleasure? Then plant vegetables and herbs mixed with flowers. The rich colors of marigolds, calendula, chamomile, hyssop or lavender will add decorativeness to your plantings, and strong smells will scare away insect pests.

Build high beds from planed boards

If you have a traditional wooden house at the dacha, then high ridges of planed boards will make the plot uniform and withstand the style. From the outside, they can be either painted in bright colors or they can preserve the natural shade of natural wood.

Do not forget to soak the wood with special anti-fungal and protective biologics - they will prolong the construction of the century and will not affect the planting in any way.

Make beds with decorative rim

Not only beds from boards can be entered into design of a site. Weaving from a rod, a bricklaying, an artificial stone, blocks, sheet iron and even slate can become a worthy frame for landings. True, it is important to use the same type of material in the whole garden, observe the proportions and monitor the safety of the ribs, repairing or changing elements as necessary.

Break neat beds in the middle of the lawn

Strongly against the allocation of areas under the garden? Then you can make ridges right in the middle of the lawn. Of course, they will look strange, because usually beds play this role, but with due care of embodiment, everything will turn out fine. Of course, in this case, rectangular shapes can ruin everything, just like high sides. But the curb ribbed and long, wriggling ridges, in which one culture will be replaced by another, will become the highlight of your site.

Make the beds of the original form (triangular, trapezoid, round, etc.)

Do you want your garden to be unique and noticeable even on Google maps? Then create ridges of unusual shape with a clear outline. You can get by with geometric shapes, or you can create whole pictures. However, remember that you still have to take care of such ridges, so do not make their elements too large so that later, in trying to weed the center, do not trample down the edges.

Build beautiful paths between the beds

Even the most common ridges can be made neat by laying permanent paths of tile, brick, pebble or wood between them. Thus, you will not only decorate the site, but also stop slipping in the mud after rain, as well as drastically reduce the weeding area. Yes, and flightless pests on such paths will be easier to track and destroy.

Protect the garden with a beautiful fence or hedge

For those who do not want to change anything in the garden, but are not ready to show their potatoes and cucumbers to all the guests, the exit will be a small neat hedge separating one zone from another. A fence at the edge of a vegetable garden can wear both aesthetic and practical functions, for example, to prevent your pets and small children from breaking through to landings. It is not necessary to erect a two-meter solid construction, it will be enough to have a wooden, woven or carbonate fence with a height of 50-80 cm.

Put a bench or chaise near the beds

The view of the beds with a ripening harvest is even more pleasant for many summer residents than flowing water or burning fire. But it is better to admire them comfortably, slowly. To do this, equip yourself an observation post near the garden - set up a bench or a lounge chair. There you can also keep a notebook for notes and a pencil to record all the ideas and plans that come to mind.

Set at the entrance to the garden arch or pergola with climbers

Visually, you can separate the garden area without a solid fence. It is enough to mark the entrance with the installation of a pergola or arch, along which a decorative or vegetable crop will follow. The best decorations of such an arch will be girlish grapes, clematis, curly beans, honeysuckle capricole or hops.

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Make the beds already, and the passages between them are wider.

Only lazy people didn’t write about the advantages of narrow beds - they are easy to handle, plants get more light and air, yields increase, etc. But it is important not to forget about the wide aisles between the ridges. Overgrown with lawn grass or covered with sand, bark or pebbles, they look neat and turn even banal plantings into garden decoration.

Arrange the beds in the form of a flower bed or alpine slides

Who said that the place of cabbage in the garden? She (and other vegetables) may well become elements of flowerbeds, alpine slides, mixborders. And there are vegetables that are really created in order to perfectly fit into the flower garden. These are multicolored cherry tomatoes, and bush beans with bright leaves, and leafy salads.

Build a spiral bed

Spiral ridge always looks spectacular, and can also become the center of the ornamental garden. Creating it is not so difficult, although some patience is still required. In fact, it is an analogue of the alpine slide, but at the base it does not have stones and sand, but soil and plant residues. Lay out the contours of the spiral can be a wild stone, and bricks.

Plant flowers (marigolds, calendula, etc.) around the perimeter of the beds.

They will decorate and protect against insect pests of any ridge of flowers with a strong smell, planted around the perimeter. They are unpretentious, and with the care that you provide for vegetables, marigolds and calendula will feel at their best and will thank you with abundant flowering until frost.

Use arcs as supports for climbing plants.

Cucumbers, beans, pumpkin - what unites these cultures? Of course, long lashes, spreading all over the garden and constantly climbing into other ridges and under feet. Of course, the stems can be tied up, but you can’t get enough stakes at all. But plastic or metal arches are inexpensive, last for a long time, and they cope with the task perfectly well. In addition, ripe vegetables can be seen on them much better than on the ground, they do not get dirty and serve as decoration for the vegetable garden.

Build a garden bed with a beautiful trellis

Also, the bed-box is well suited for planting climbing plants and storing plant and food debris. Most often in such grown cucumbers, but the flight of your imagination can not be limited to anything. As is the case with high ridges of planks, all wood must first be soaked with anti-fungal agents and dried thoroughly.

Build a multi-tiered bed

Tiered ridges of complex shape are good as a design element, but rather whimsical in matters of care and maintenance. Material for them to choose high-quality and durable, but to grow some large vegetables in such difficult - not enough space. To build such a structure is best for spicy herbs or pharmacy garden.

Make beds of gabions

If you have a lot of stones on the site, you are strong and have a lot of free time, you can build a gabion structure that is often found on city streets. Metal again for them is sold in building and garden hypermarkets, but the filling will have to extract independently. Of course, such ridges are created for centuries, but there are not only pluses in this, but also disadvantages - it will not be so easy to move the landing.

Use unusual items as a basis for beds (old boat, bed, car, chest of drawers, etc.)

Old items that have gone out of fashion or have become unnecessary can become an excellent container for vegetables. Of course, getting a boat in an area without large bodies of water is not so easy, but everyone has old beds, broken cars or crates. Moreover, often unnecessary things are brought to the dacha, and you can not keep them in the shed, but give them a second life on the plot.

Break the beds on the slope

Involuntarily become the owner of the site with a slope or ravine? Do not despair, terracing and geomats will allow you to turn this unsightly piece into a full-fledged garden. With the help of props on the slope, you can hold the ground, and the bushes planted in it or ground covers will help stop the slide of the earth.

Build a gazebo next to the garden

Do you think that one shop in the garden is not enough for you, or do you want to enjoy the fruits of your work with your family and in any weather? Then place the gazebo next to the garden. In it you can relax, read the thematic magazines, and if you suddenly want to eat, then you will not have to go far - all the berries, vegetables and greens are literally at your feet.

There are a lot of options for turning an ordinary garden into a designer garden. Maybe you already use something like that? Share your ideas in the comments!

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