Thunder, G


Thunder, G - ready-to-eat granulated bait medication from a bear and garden ants.

Preparative form - granules.

Packaging - 20 g, 50 g, 100 g

Drug benefits:

  • loose granules are well eaten by a medvedka;
  • it is convenient to simultaneously fight with the bear and ants in the beds;
  • high efficiency in all agroclimatic zones.


Thunder, G is designed to fight with Medvedka and garden ants on vegetable beds, strawberries, potatoes and root vegetables, flowers.

Active substance

Diazinon - 30 g / kg.


The composition of the formulation, in addition to the active substance, includes 8 baiting components, which attract the pest much more than the young roots and root crops.

A few days later, all the heads of the medvedka die!

The period of protective action is 10-14 days.

Hazard class for humans - 3 (moderately hazardous substance).

Safe for plants, earthworms, soil microflora.

Dangerous to birds, do not allow eating poultry!

It is forbidden to use reservoirs in the water protection zone.

Instructions for use

The bait preparation is completely ready for use and is easy to use: the granules are laid out in minks and the moves of the bear, the soil is moistened.

The first treatment should be carried out 5-10 days before sowing seeds or planting plants, with a large accumulation of pests, treatments can be carried out at other times.

Packaging weighing 20 g is enough to handle a 6-7 square meter area. 50 g - 15-20 sq.m. 100 g - 30-40 sq.m.

Processed culturePest Ways, time obra-bot-ki,
particular bosnos
Awaiting Term
Vegetable and flower cultures,
strawberries, potatoes
MedvedkaDepth soil application
3-5 cm during the growing season
30 g / 10 sq.m- (1)

Security measures

When treating plots of land with the insecticide Thunder, it is necessary to protect mucous membranes and skin, to work in protective clothing, gloves, a mask and respirator.

Is forbidden:

  • to transport and store the drug in conjunction with food, drugs and feed.
  • eat, drink, smoke during work.

At the end of the work, hands and face should be washed with soap and water.

First aid

  • Withskin contact - wash the contact points with soapy water.
  • At randomswallowed - Rinse your mouth with water. Immediately give several glasses of water with activated carbon at the rate of 1 g of sorbent per kg of body weight, and then induce vomiting by irritation of the back wall of the pharynx, and then give a glass of water with activated carbon to drink (1 g per kg of body weight).

After providing first aid, be sure to consult a doctor.


The drug should be stored separately from drugs, food and feed for animals in a dry, cool place inaccessible to children and animals at temperatures from -10 ° C to 35 ° C.

Shelf life - 2 years.

This article was created based on the manufacturer's instructions; it is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement.

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