How to make a cellar in the country with their own hands?

The cellar is an ideal place to store food. If you do not have such an important room, try to build it yourself. Besides, it's easy!

For the construction of the cellar will need the same materials as in the construction of the house, as well as calculations of its size. Remember that not less important are the height of the passage of groundwater and the selection of building materials.

If the summer house is not equipped with a basement, but a cellar is needed, then it makes sense to build it outside the main room. In this case, all construction work is best done in the summer.

Choosing a place for the cellar

First of all, you need to decide on the location of the future cellar and develop its project, even if it is sketchy. It is better to place the cellar on elevation to prevent rain and melt water from entering it.

Regardless of what construction materials you will use, you need to take care of moisture resistance, waterproofing and ventilation to ensure a high-quality microclimate. If you plan to use the cellar in the dark, or it will be bad sunlight, then it is necessary to provide a connection to the mains.

Build a cellar with your own hands

The base of the cellar -foundation pit. Its depth should not be less than the height of a person, i.e. approximately 2.5 m with the height of the foundation.

Once the pit is dug, you must install foundation. They will serve a layer of rubble, broken bricks or stones, poured molten bitumen. Top fittings are installed and cement is poured. In total, the height of the foundation will be 50 cm.

Next stage -wall installation 20-25 cm thick. The main building materials for the cellar walls can be bricks and cinder block. If desired, you can use cement and formwork.

It is necessary to provide vents for ventilation or immediately install ventilation pipes. For waterproofing the premises, you can use any suitable means, it can be mastic or multilayer film.

Depending on the project developed, it is necessary to organize entrance to the room. This can be a hole in the roof or a full entry with downward steps. In the second case, it is necessary to foresee the basis of the steps during the installation of the foundation. At the stage following the installation of the walls, you should lay out steps or cast them from cement using formwork.

Next stage -roof installation. The simplest option for this is concrete slabs. For the base, you can use metal channels or beams, which are installed fittings. Plate OSB, which will serve as a ceiling, you need to fix under the reinforcement and install support under it, then pour reinforcement with a layer of concrete. The total coating thickness is 25 cm.

After completion of the construction of the cellar on its roof can be placed flower beds. To do this, the roof must be covered with a layer of soil. Also, the soil should be filled with voids between the walls of the cellar and the pit, if any.

After the construction of the roof install the doors. To maintain the optimum temperature in the cellar at any time of the year, you need to install 2 doors with an air pocket between them. And besides, the door should be insulated.

At the final stage, the final finishing of the walls, the connection of electricity, the installation of racks and compartments for raw products are carried out. It is also necessary to provide several compartments for products that need special storage conditions.

Now you know the highlights of the construction of the cellar. Apply our advice in practice - and you will manage to build a storage for vegetable and fruit crops.

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