Commander - protection from insect pests


Commander andCommander + - one of the newest developments from the class of preparations based on Imidacloprid, which are widely used in the world.


  • Act quickly. They destroy the most resistant pests - the Colorado potato beetle and the wireworm on potatoes, the wireworm, the whitefly, the aphids, thrips on vegetable, flower and decorative crops.
  • Act long. Usually one treatment is enough.
  • It works flawlessly in hot weather, which is especially important for southern areas.
  • Low consumption rate for potatoes - 1 ml per hundred.
  • Special bottle with airtight cap. Protected quality.


Commander - systemic insecticide intended for destruction wireworm, Medvedka, and the Colorado potato beetle.

Active substance

Commander - Imidacloprid, vrk 200 g / l

Commander + - Imidacloprid, vrk 200 g / l + Potassium salts of humic acids 80 g / l


Due to the contact-systemic effect, the drug penetrates into the potato tubers or the upper layers of leaves, protecting plants for a long time.

Not washed off by rain.

Instructions for use

Preparation of working solution:

  • In the tank (sprayer tank, bucket, etc.) pour 1-2 liters of water,
  • Open the bottle, measure the required amount of the drug (in accordance with the table),
  • Pour into a container with water and carefully move.
  • Bring the working solution to the required volume and move it again.




Green Ground Tomatoes

Greenhouse cucumbers

Flower crops

Harmful object

Colorado beetle

Greenhouse whitefly, aphids, thrips

Aphi, Californian thrips

Drug rate

1 ml per 5 l of water

1 ml to 2 liters of water

Method, time, features of application

Spraying in the period of occurrence of pests.

Fluid flow

5 liters per 100 meters2

2 liters per 20 meters2

Waiting time, days





The multiplicity of treatments


Security measures

During work, you must follow the rules of personal hygiene, use clothing, gloves and a respirator (mask). It is forbidden to eat, drink, smoke.

First aid

  • When hiton the skin - remove the preparation with a piece of cloth, gauze or cotton wool, and then wash the contaminated area with water and soap.
  • Withinhaled drug - change clothes, wash hands and face, then bring the victim to fresh air for 1 hour.
  • When hit by the drugin the eyes - rinse with clean running water for 15 minutes.
  • At randomswallowed - thoroughly rinse the mouth with water, drink several glasses of warm water with a suspension of activated carbon (1 g per 1 kg of body weight), and then induce vomiting in the back of the pharynx.

After first aid, you should immediately consult a doctor. There is no specific antidote. Symptomatic treatment.


Store away from food and medicine, out of the reach of children and pets.

This article was created based on the manufacturer's instructions; it is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement.

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