The second life of kapron tights - useful life hacking for home and garden

In the household can be useful, even the most unexpected things. You will be surprised how you can apply outdated nylon pantyhose. We found 9 applications, but this is not the limit.

We are glad to share with you tips on how to use old kapron tights. After all, a real housewife even spoiled things should not disappear.

1. Bags for storing onions and garlic

In nylon tights it is very convenient to store onions or garlic heads. Crop fall asleep in stockings, which is tied in a knot from above. For this little knot such a bag can be hung. To make it convenient to get onions or garlic, after loading each head should also make nodules. Then in winter you can remove the onions as needed, without unleashing the whole bunch.

2. Nozzle for vacuum cleaner

If you scattered beads on the floor or dropped an earring and you cannot find it, a nylon stocking will help you again. It should be pulled on the suction inlet of the vacuum cleaner and "walk" around the apartment. All small things linger on the fabric, and they can be easily assembled.

3. Bags with lavender

Kapron tights can be made herbal pads that will scare the mole. It is enough just to take a small piece of nylon, pour dried lavender on it and tie it in the form of a bag. Such fragrant pads will not only relieve the cabinet from moths, but also fill it with a pleasant smell.

4. Device for painting eggs

To create unusual patterns on Easter eggs, without spending too much time on it, is very easy with the help of nylon pantyhose. To do this, it is enough to attach the leaves of some plant (for example, parsley) to the egg, cover it with a piece of stocking and fix the material well. Next, the eggs prepared in this way, you need to cook in a solution of onion peel.

5. Decor for flower pot

Kapron tights with a pattern, if used as a stencil, will help to decorate flower pots and vases. To transfer the pattern to the ceramics, it is necessary to cover the pot with a material with a pattern, then apply paint on the surface with a sponge, wait until it dries and remove the "stencil". Unusual flower pot ready.

6. Filter for paint

Straining the paint through a filter of nylon tights, you can remove from it clots, which are formed on the walls of the banks during storage. Cut the tights in such a way that a flat rectangle or square is formed, stretch it on a clean container, fix and slowly paint the paint.

7. Cord for garter plants

Kapron is a very durable material, so it can be used to tie up seedlings or garden crops to supports.

8. Material for crafts

Needlewomen note: from the kapron tights you can make beautiful flowers. Having bent a ring out of a wire and having tightly fitted it with a nylon, you get a figure in the shape of a flower petal. Gather a few of these petals together - and you already have a bud. Leaflets are made on the same principle. Take note that for these crafts more suitable color tights.

9. Filter for drain hole in flower pot

So that the soil in the flower pots does not spill out of the drainage hole, you can cover it with a small piece of nylon when you transplant flowers. Nylon tights will let the water flow well, but keep the ground inside the flowerpot. And some growers lower their nylon socks into containers, pour earth into them and plant plants in it. Seedlings in the sock is very convenient to get out of the tanks for transplanting.

As you can see, the scope of application of nylon pantyhose in the household is quite diverse. Therefore, if you are a zealous hostess, nothing will perish in your house.

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