All you need to know about peonies is in one article.

This post contains a selection of our most useful articles about beautiful and delicious peonies. You will learn everything!

Luxurious, lush, charming, intoxicating - all these epithets can be applied to peonies, kings of the June garden. When buds of all shades of white, pink and red bloom on these bushes, and the whole flower garden is filled with their intoxicating aroma, it is difficult to find them equal.

1. Peony Peony strife

What peonies do you like? With huge double "balls" of flowers or simple buds? Classic pink or unusual yellow? Grassy or treelike? The genus Peony has 34 species and about 5 thousand varieties. Thanks to our classification of peonies, you can easily navigate in a huge variety and choose the appropriate type of peony, which will make your garden unique.

2. What is the most beautiful variety?

Decided on what kind of peony you need - grass, tree or interspecific hybrid? Now you need to choose the "same" variety, the bushes which will delight you with its flowering in early summer. Take our selection of the best varieties:


  • 10 most beautiful varieties of peonies
    We have compiled the top 10 most charming peonies for your garden, you just have to buy and plant them.
  • 9 fantastically beautiful tree peony varieties
    Magnificent peonies, which are breathtaking!
  • The best varieties of terry peonies
    10 peonies with terry buds for every taste.


3. When to plant and transplant peonies?

The best time for the division and landing of peonies is August-September. Planted at this time, the plants before the cold weather have time to take root and adapt to the new composition of the soil. But if you really need, you can plant peonies in the spring. True, this time of year they will have to tinker a bit. In any case, remember - planting a tree peony is somewhat different from grass planting.

4. Growing and caring for peonies

Whether the peony bloom is bright, lush, or abundant depends on how closely you follow the recommendations for caring for this spectacular perennial.

  • First, you must follow the general rules for growing peonies.
  • Secondly, regularly feed peonies for good growth.
  • Third, be able to recognize and fight pion diseases and pests.
  • Fourthly, to sound the alarm when the peonies do not bloom, and to create excellent conditions for their flowering.

5. How to breed peonies?

Does your neighbor have a completely unbelievable peony variety that she doesn't mind sharing? Or maybe you want to propagate the bush growing in your garden? No problem! Take into service 5 effective methods of breeding pions and go for it. If reproduction by seeds, cuttings and layering is too difficult and troublesome for you, use a simpler way - by dividing a bush.

Just remember that tree peonies lend themselves best to propagation by cuttings and layering, but the grassy species are best reproduced just by division.

Any fan of fragrant peonies is upset by the fact that their flowering period is short. In the best case, you can achieve flowering from late May to early July, if you plant different types of shrubs in a flower garden. To extend the "holiday", you can decorate your garden with other flowers like peonies. Aesthetic pleasure all summer will be provided to you!


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