Spirea - the real decoration of the site

Rosaceae family shrubs are one of the most popular flowering ornamental plants that are used for landscaping and decorating land. Spirea is one such plant.

The Rosaceae family includes a huge number of flowering shrub plants, including spirea. It is possible that so far you have not heard this name, but you have certainly met this plant. A wide variety of Spirea varieties has determined its versatility and relevance when creating landscape design.

All species diversity of spirea is divided into 2 main groups: spring flowering and summer flowering. Consider them in more detail.

Spring blooming spirea

In this group are combined varieties, the period of flowering of which is determined from late spring to early summer. Short flowering period does not reduce the attractiveness of these varieties. Abundant snow-white or pale pink bloom of high spreading bushes in early May is a long-awaited sight. From the abundance of flowers, the branches of the spirea gracefully bend - this was the reason for the name of the plant: "spirea" means "bend".

Spirea border

Some varieties are called "willow", which also characterizes the shrub, as sprawling with flexible long branches and thin leaves. After flowering, spiraea continues to delight with lush greenery. Many species are used as hedges, and also they are great for topiary haircuts, because the spirea bush quickly thickens after pruning. The most common varieties include spiraea dubravkolistnuyu, spiraea Argut, spirea gray, spirea Thunberg.

Summer blooming spireas

Spirea varieties, which bloom begins in mid-summer and ends in late autumn, are especially popular with professionals and gardeners. Summer varieties are so different in their appearance that it is sometimes hard to believe that we have a spirea. A variety of summer varieties is evident throughout. The size of the bush can vary from 15 cm to 3 m. Its shape can be sprawling spherical bushes with curved or straight branches, it can be similar to a low straight shrub, and can spread out a fluffy carpet, forming a smooth and original lawn.

The most common types of inflorescences in spirea are flaps and umbrellas, but they can also have pyramidal panicle inflorescences. The popularity of gardeners acquired Japanese spirea and its varieties:Green Carpet, Golden Carpet, Golden Princesses, Goldflame, Jan Pei (Shiroban), Crisp, Little. All varieties of Spirea are very decorative. Perfectly used in bouquets and have a gentle persistent aroma.

Japanese spirea

The universal love of spirea also deserved thanks to the unpretentious care. In addition, this plant is ready to delight with its beauty from the beginning of May to deep frosts. Fans of this shrub wisely use this advantage, selecting and combining varieties in terms of flowering. Try it and you.

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