13 ideas how to make an unusual container for do-it-yourself

Do not rush to get rid of, at first glance, unnecessary things. Many of them can easily become an excellent material for making original flowerpots with which to decorate a garden, veranda or balcony.

Sometimes for inspiration it is enough just to look around, and now the idea itself comes to mind! Look in the closet, garage, kitchen box with unnecessary dishes - probably among the "junk" there is something from which you can easily make a beautiful "designer" container.

1. Wine corks

For several years, collecting bottle caps, but still have not figured out what to make of them? In the meantime, all this “good” only does what successfully collects dust and takes up space on the shelf. Use cork as the material to create a textured flowerpot. Look for a suitable container, stick wine corks on the outside (you can also use small wooden bars), then paint the pot in your favorite color. Monotonous “spiky” flowerpots look impressive, for example, white or black.

2. Concrete slabs

If you have recently developed a site and designed garden paths, you probably still have concrete slabs for the walkway. From this durable and long-lasting material, beautiful minimalist flower containers will be made. Take 5 plates of the same size and join them with a special construction glue. If you wish, you can paint the container in any color, but without paint it will look original.

3. Concrete blocks

In continuation of the subject of concrete, we add that there is a simpler way to make a pot, using the material left after construction, which is probably hiding somewhere in the corner of your yard. In fact, the composition of concrete containers will look great just in the corner or against the wall of the house. Paint the blocks with spray paint (because it is convenient, and besides, the colors in the cans have a brighter color scheme), make up the containers as you like, and plant the plants.

4. Tin cans

It really is really hard to find such a functional and reusable item as a can or coffee can! For a long time, it has proven itself as an excellent container for worms (those that they take with them for fishing), an excellent ashtray and a modest holder for pencils, the cannon never ceases to amaze and presents itself as a stylish piece of furniture. Bend the jar slightly with a hammer, then spray paint a golden color.

5. Glass jars

Do not lag behind the tin and their glass counterparts, of which is full on any balcony, mezzanine or in the pantry. Of course, glass cans will be useful for preparing blanks from the harvest collected at the site, but why not select a couple of cans for the design of a summer house from an inviolable "glass" stock? Here the paint will help you again: pick up the color scheme, paint the cans inside and out. You can use a stencil to get a picture on the flowerpot (see photo above).

6. Car tires

Yes, yes, those very blunt rubber tires are also on our list of flower container ideas. But it is not necessary to be twisted at a mention of these words in conversation about design of a site. Here, as in any other business, the main thing is not to “overdo it”: paint the tires, but do not make patterns - the “native” texture of the wheel will be enough. Place these containers in one place, having thought through the composition.

If you are an opponent of "tire" design and are going to get rid of old tires, in no case do not burn them, but rather take them for recycling to a specialized center.

7. Log or log

Garden container can be made not only from logs or logs, but also from stump, snag and other natural wooden materials of interesting shape. To do this, clear the log you like from debris, carefully remove the core, fill with earth and plant flowers.

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8. Old furniture

Of course, you should not put all the old furniture in the garden, but a nice chest of drawers, a chair or a table with drawers will become a charming decoration if you plant low flowers in them. Before filling the boxes with earth, process the wooden furniture with a special protective agent.

9. Waste Dishes

Suppose you have already decorated the garden with an old table styled as a flower pot (or vice versa - it's up to you!). Why not put on this table a few cracked cups from your favorite set? Metal objects look good: kettle, coffee pot, pan. A colander can be used as a hanging pots, pre-painted paint.

10. Chandelier

A regular chandelier looks no worse than a metal colander. You will not land many plants in such a container, but how effectively such a decoration looks! Monochromatic painting will make a pot of chandelier more vivid and original.

11. Paint can

We again returned to the banks - and where without them! This time the container will be larger than in the case of tin and glass jars. If after paint work you still have paint cans, add (if necessary) a little bit of smudges, cut a drain hole and plant a flower in the pot.

12. Broken tiles

Broken ceramic tiles are an excellent decoration material. To make a beautiful pot, find a container (for example, an unsightly flower pot) and arm yourself with glue. Tile (if necessary) break into smaller pieces, wash the pot-base and dry. Using glue, fix the tiles to the surface of the pot, then varnish the product.

13. Rope

Jute rope, twine or rope from another material in capable hands can transform any container. Pay attention to the image on the left below (see photo above) - by the way, this is a disliked by many tire! You will need glue, a base and a rope: when glueing the surface and rope with glue, wrap the base and let it dry.

Hopefully, we were able to inspire you to create unusual flower containers. We will be glad to see photos of your beautiful "crafts" in the comments to the article!

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