Proven varieties of thick-walled pepper

In this article - a selection of the most juicy, fleshy and fruitful varieties of thick-walled sweet pepper.

Thick-walled pepper - fragrant, juicy, tasty - these qualities make it an ideal ingredient for vegetable salads. This group includes peppers with a pericarp thickness (wall of the fetus) of 6 mm.

1. Anastasia

Sort Anastasia remarkable for good yields: one bush brings up to 18 fruits. This pepper is rather fleshy, with a wall thickness of 6 mm.
Variety Peppers Anastasia fragrant juicy pulp and beautiful dark cherry color. The fruits are great for both fresh salads, and for seaming and stuffing.


PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)


 130 200-250 7-8

2. Star of the East red

Fruit weight Star of the East red can reach 260 g, and wall thickness - 8-10 mm. Peppers are suitable for processing and the fresh use.

Best of all - the bushes give a high yield and are suitable for growing in open ground, and the fruits are well kept.


PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)


 110-115 200-260 7,5-8

3. Golden Miracle

Golden miracle - juicy, fragrant yellow pepper with walls about 7 mm thick. It is suitable for canning, fresh salads, stewing and roasting.

Fruits tied even in cold summer. The plant is resistant to fungal diseases and all sorts of weather whims.


PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)


 110-115 180-250 7-8

4. California miracle

This wonderful pepper can bear 10 fruits from a bush and up to 10 kg of a crop from 1 sq.m. Despite the "overseas" name, California miracle feels great in the middle lane and endurely endures adverse weather conditions.

This pepper is really sweet: the pulp is fragrant and juicy, not bitter. California miracle is ideal for fresh consumption, but is well suited for processing.


PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)


 120-130 100-160 9-10

5. Red giant

Red giant fully justifies its loud name: peppers of this variety reach 20 cm in length and weigh about half a kilogram. And now imagine that 10 such giants can grow on one bush! Impressive, isn't it?

In addition to impressive size, this pepper has excellent taste and juicy pulp.


PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)


 135-140 400-600 8-9

7. Red Baron F1

Hybrid variety Red Baron F1 valued by gardeners for early ripeness, high yield, and resistance to viruses. This pepper is grown in greenhouses, it is not suitable for open ground.

Fruits ripen fleshy, weighty, juicy. They are good in both fresh and processed form.


PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)


 96-102 180-230 6-10

8. Sun of Italy

The sun of Italy - hero among yellow varieties of pepper. The mass of one fruit can reach 500 g!

The pepper of this variety has juicy fleshy walls 6-8 mm thick and fragrant pulp. The fruits are extremely tasty and are suitable for both salads and culinary processing.


PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)


 115-120 300-500 5-6

9. Fatty

Let be Fatty and does not differ in large size, but it is a real “sturdy”: the wall thickness of this pepper can reach 1 cm. The fruits are very juicy and fleshy.

Also to the obvious advantages of this variety include high commercial quality and good transportability.


PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)


 115-118 65-130 4-4,5

10. Queen F1

Hybrid Queen F1 - an early productive grade of pepper which deserves to plant it from year to year. It can be attributed to the super thickened varieties: the wall thickness of the fruit can reach 12 mm.

Pepper Queen F1 can be grown both in the greenhouse and in the open field. Bushes are resistant to diseases and give a good, stable crop.


PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)


 105-110 150-200 7-8

If you like to crunch delicious fresh pepper, plant one of these varieties in the garden. With proper care, the harvest will certainly please you!

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