Decoration for the garden for the New Year of old tires

We tell how in a few steps to make cute Christmas decorations for a country site of old automobile tires!

The use of old tires in landscape design is a controversial thing and blamed by many environmentalists and landscape designers. This is even referred to as one of the main anti-trends of landscape design!

But if a couple of used automobile "shoes" on your site are still lying around, and you do not plan to dispose of it in the near future, why not give them a festive look?

Addicted 2 DIY, the owner of the blog, offers an unusual version of the use of the old “rubber” on her country site: she simply turned the tires into huge “Christmas tree decorations” and decorated them with a patio near the house.

We tell how to repeat this idea!

You will need

  • old tires
  • plywood (6 mm),
  • glue gun,
  • spray paint
  • stencil,
  • zinc buckets
  • thick wire
  • construction stapler.

Step 1 - Prepare the tires

First of all, tires must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt using a stiff brush and any detergent. If you skip this step, the paint will fall bad.

After that, the tires must be dried.

Step 2 - collect the "toy"

First of all, from a sheet of plywood, it is necessary to cut circles with a diameter larger than the diameter of the tire hole.

Next, a circle of plywood is glued to the rubber with a glue-gun, tightly pressed and allowed to grab.

After that, for reliability, it is desirable to fix plywood with a construction stapler. Otherwise, all the "beauty" can simply peel off and fall off from the tire.

Plywood is also desirable to degrease before painting.

Step 3 - proceed to painting

Then everything is very simple - shake the can and spray evenly on the tire.

As soon as the paint layer has dried, you can add a stencil. For example, it may be an image of a snowflake, deer or Christmas tree. It all depends on your imagination!

Step 4 - Finishing Touches

Now it remains only to give the blank the similarity with the Christmas tree toy. To do this, make a hole in a small zinc bucket, thread a thick metal wire into it and attach it to the tire. Very similar to the attachment of Christmas tree toys, is not it?

Do not forget to attach a ring and a hook to the “toy” - it will look very believable!

That's all! Such decorations can be placed near the porch, so that they will delight everyone who enters the house.

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