How to make ordinary tap water healthy

The quality of drinking water is an important indicator on which many aspects of a person’s life depend. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about what kind of water they use, and after all, properly purified water is a guarantee of good health.

To maintain the body in good shape and recover quickly after prolonged physical exertion (the faithful companion of this summer resident), it is not necessary to purchase expensive drugs.

The benefits of clean drinking water

Water is the source of life. Compliance with the drinking regimen helps the body to function normally and helps to improve well-being.

The fact that a person should drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily has been heard by many. What exactly should this water be? "Clean, non-carbonated, boiled ..." - most people will answer. Yet these conditions are not enough for water not only to quench thirst, but also to restore the body's strength, helping to maintain and strengthen health.

"Living" and "dead" water

Since childhood, many people remember how fairytale heroes used "living" and "dead" water to heal wounds and revive the dead (for example, in the fairy tale "Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf", the wolf saves Ivan with water). In real life, energizing with water is a natural thing, but not all water can give a person life-giving power. We will understand why.

The fact is that with a certain effect on water its chemical composition may change. This property is used to purify water in various ways. One of the most effective is the electrochemical method of water purification. The technology was developed by scientists of the Military Medical Academy. Kirov (St. Petersburg) in the 1980s. The essence of the method is that under the action of a strong electric field, water acquires a positive or negative indicator, called ORP, or redox potential (measured in millivolts, mV).

The ORP of the internal environment of a healthy organism is always below zero and ranges from -100 mV to -200 mV.

ORP shows how water affects biological processes in the body. This means that when a person drinks water that has an AFP above this level, then for its absorption the body spends energy to lower the redox potential to the desired level. If the water has an ORP close to the body's ORP, it easily penetrates the cells, immediately assimilating.

But if water enters the body with lower ORPthan the internal environment, this water provides cells with additional energy and antioxidant protection. Negative ORP "gives" water with healing properties, and therefore this water:

  • restores the body's immune system, being an additional source of energy, especially during prolonged exertion;
  • increases the reliability of the antioxidant defense of the body, which in turn slows down the aging process;
  • accelerates the regeneration of healthy cells;
  • normalizes metabolism;
  • promotes rapid recovery of the body during prolonged physical exertion;
  • reduces fatigue.

The electrochemical method of water purification has other advantages: it has strong antibacterial and antiviral effects.

What water flows from your tap?

Besides ORP, healthy drinking water should also have neutral alkaline reaction. The norm of acidity for the human body is 7.4 pH. Have you ever wondered what kind of water flows from your tap and where does it come from to your house? How many tens of kilometers of rusty pipes did water have, how much charge and acid-base balance does it have?

The water that flows from the faucet is almost devoid of its natural beneficial properties, since it is subjected to treatment with such substances as fluorine and chlorine oxidants. This is done for disinfection. But because of this, water is oxidized and loses the pH level required by the body. It can not be felt instantly, but over time the body can give us "failures" in the form of disease.

What is the difference between the water purification system "Baikal-standard"?

There are more than 30 types of devices on the market that purify, mineralize, structure and ionize water. Mini-station "Baikal standard"from the company" Apromed "combines all these functions.

In the installation "Baikal standard“an electrochemical method of exposure to water is used, resulting in:

  • water is purified from all types of pollution, including heavy metals, organic compounds, radionuclides, biological pollution, viruses, etc .;
  • the mineral composition of water is maintained at the level necessary for human life;
  • water acquires antioxidant properties, "inhibiting" the aging process.

Water passing through the mini-station "Baikal standard", has a negative redox potential (on average from -150 to -200 mV) and a unique taste, as if it had been gathered from a spring.

This water can not only drink fresh. Use it to prepare your favorite foods and drinks and you will immediately notice how their taste and aroma will unfold. And the water that has passed through the mini-station is very useful to wash. Your skin will noticeably change after just a few weeks of such procedures.

Using water purified with the help of the “Baikal-standard” system, you will not only enjoy the natural spring taste, but also feel how quickly fatigue passes and energy appears in order to cheerfully continue the planned activities.

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