Preparation of tomato seeds for sowing (and not only)

Many gardeners come on the principle of "porridge butter will not spoil," and use several, sometimes not compatible ways. But this is an erroneous approach, because the plant is much stronger than we think about it.

Often beginning gardeners perceive plants with a truly maternal instinct. They are worried that if they do not give a seed of some kind of treatment, then it will get sick, and even die. But think how much of what is unavailable to us, for example, can a tomato.

  1. It can restore its organs (they cut off the "legs" (roots) - they planted them, the roots of the branch; they broke the "head" (top) - the branches are two new ones).
  2. It can be eaten only by sunlight and water (at least it will complete its development cycle).
  3. It can get moisture where it seems to be not.
  4. May be in the sun without a headdress in the forty-degree heat!
  5. May perfectly defend against diseases.

Someone will say: "They do not know how to think!". But it seems to me that they are sitting in one place and only think: “How did these gardeners get us? And therefore we must treat them as partners, and not as unreasonable helpless pets.

Let us turn to the seeds, or rather, to the most important stages of pre-seed preparation.


When storing seeds, the whole problem is moisture. If it is high or there are fluctuations in humidity during storage, the seeds quickly become unusable. Therefore, storage options in garden houses do not pass. The better the seeds are dried, the longer they retain their properties. Many companies use vacuum drying and vacuum packaging, which allows the seeds to maintain good germination for up to 5 years. And after 5 years of storage, germination usually drops to 25-50%.

Let us examine the statement "when planting with old seeds you will get more flowers, which means there will be more harvest." Is it true? During storage, the seeds gradually grow old, and any old plant tries to leave behind posterity faster. But the strength of the growth of such a plant, and the energy of the seedlings is already fading. There will be more fruits, but liana (cucumber, for example) will not be 3 m, but 1.5 m. Yet in nature, the offspring from young, healthy plants (and animals) are much better.

Seed treatment before sowing

And now let's talk in more detail about the methods of treatment, which are now offered a lot.


Here you need to understand that external treatment (soaking in potassium permanganate, soda solution, etc.), as a rule, does not affect what is inside the seed.

What do you need to disinfect the seeds? There are 2 options:

  1. Phytophthora is a systemic disease. And if it is embedded in the plant, along with nutritious juices it spreads throughout the tomato. So if the phytophthora manifested itself only on the upper leaves, it means that it has already infected the whole plant.
  2. Viruses are also a systemic infection, and external signs can appear only after a month.

It turns out that it is desirable to process your own or purchased non-professional seeds. Why? Just because the surface treatment does not destroy what is inside the seed. Professional seeds are not just pickled, as we do at home, but also covered with a shell of fungicides. The outer shell continues to work and the opening of the seed, and during germination.

What can we do at home?

Treatment with beneficial microorganisms (Em, Fitostim, Fitosporin, Bionur). They will work during seed germination, inhibiting harmful microflora.

Etching in two stages. For example, pickle the seeds and rinse with soda solution. Leave them for two days in a warm, humid place. And then again pickle.

Tomato phytophthora

However, fungicides will not help in the fight against viruses. Here I know only 3 options:

  • warming up (in hot water or near the battery);
  • use of seeds 2-3 years old;
  • soaking in EM-ke in the proportion of 1: 100.

Everything else relates to the saturation of the seed coat with microelements to nourish the plant in the initial period (ash solution, trace element solution, various herbs extracts).

There is a certain group of drugs that perform several functions at once: HB 101, Silk, Epin, Zircon, Immunocytophyte. They immediately and disinfect, and nourish, and activate germination. These are all natural development stimulants.

And yet nothing bad will happen if you plant the seeds without any treatment. The plants have a very powerful protective system that works at all stages of development.

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Source: Amateur Tomato Club


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