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In early August, you can do the division and transplantation of asters, delphiniums, doronicum, nivyanik, phlox. For plants to start well, choose healthy parts of rhizomes with several buds for planting. Sick planting material is better to reject.

Breed peonies

August is the best time for digging, dividing and planting peonies. The plants are propagated by slices of roots about 7 cm long. They are dried and planted in a flower bed, buried 3-5 cm into the soil. Lay the planting material in the planting hole should be horizontal.



Divide and land irises

If you have not engaged in irises, remember that you should complete the planting of these flowers until mid-August. So now you can still do it. After August 10, irises may not have time to take root and risk dying.

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