Fountain of ceramic pots - easy, original and stylish

In any large horticultural center today you can find such a variety of ceramic pots and bowls that it is not difficult to “assemble” a fountain of classical form from them. Let's try!

The fountain that turned out here reaches a height of about 90 cm. The upper bowl is 53 cm in diameter, and the lower basin is 86 cm. A rather impressive structure that contains a large amount of water. And it is made of ceramic pots. Now we will tell how.

Step 1

In order for the construction of pots and bowls to become a fountain, you need to purchase a special pump. It is placed in a larger bowl, the power cord is passed through a hole in the bottom (which needs to be expanded) and secured with silicone sealant.

Step 2

The pump should be located in the center of the tank and attach a long plastic tube to it. It will pass through the entire structure, and water will flow from it.

Step 3

Next you need to put the bowl on a large ceramic pot - a pedestal, which will lift the fountain above the ground. Then you should take another smaller pot, turn it upside down and skip the plastic tube through the hole in it. It is desirable that in the widest part the diameter of this pot coincides in diameter with the bottom of the bowl. This structural element will support the upper pool of the fountain.

Note that the edges of the bowl should be above the surface of the pot that is inserted into it. Otherwise, water access to the pump will be difficult.

Step 4

Add another bowl to the future fountain - a smaller diameter than the first one. In this case, the tube must pass not only through the hole in its bottom, but also through the hose fitting, which should be inserted into the center of the bowl.

Step 5

On the plastic tube of the pump you need to "put on" the copper tube, to the lower end of which the hose connector is soldered. Do not forget about the rubber gasket, which will create a sealed joint. On top of the tube, you should install the sleeve so that you can attach the smallest cup to it - the pot tray, in the bottom of which you need to drill a suitable hole.

Please note that before installing the copper tube, a sealing ring was put on the plastic tube (this can be seen in the photos of steps 2,3,4). When the fountain is working, it will not allow the water flow to flow down - into the space between the plastic and copper tubes.

Step 6

Put the saucer on the sleeve installed at the top of the tube. Water will beat from the uppermost plate and then spread to larger lower bowls.

Step 7

The fountain is assembled, and now it remains only to connect the pump to the power source. Here's what the result might look like.

As you can see, only skillful hands and a little imagination are enough to create beautiful and stylish things.

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