Ants - A special remedy for harmful garden ants.

It is allowed for use in personal subsidiary farms for the protection of vegetable, flower crops and lawns.

Packaging - Package 10 g, Package 50 g, Tuba 100 g and 300 g

Drug benefits:

  • Ready-to-use product is very convenient - no need to mix or dilute with water.


Designed to kill various species of ants (both garden and domestic) and cockroaches.

Active substance

Diazinon 50 g / kg

Instructions for use

To kill ants different types and cockroaches before folding bait should clean the room, isolate food. Open the package and place the bait on non-food substrates at ~ 5 g / m2 (1 tsp.)

For the destruction of red cockroaches Indoors, substrates are placed in habitats, clusters or movements at the rate of 3-5 substrates on a room of 10 m2. This ta-rakanov comes within 2-3 days. Substrate replace as pollution.

For the destruction of red house ants in the bathrooms, showers, bathrooms, in the kitchens (in the storage of groceries, sugar, crackers and other products) place 2-3 substrates on a room with an area of ​​10-20 m2. The tool can be hung using adhesive tape on a tile in a bathroom - if it is detected ("tracks").

For the destruction of garden ants that crawl on the first floors cottages, family homes, garden houses, on terraces, verandas, on unloaded storerooms, baiting stations are placed on the paths of ants entering the premises, for example, along the threshold or along the perimeter of the verandas, and are placed in the blind areas of the houses, along the walkways tile, in the greenhouse, hotbeds and areas around them at the rate of 2-3 substrate per -10 m2 surface.



Method, time and features of the application

Waiting times (multiplicity of treatments)




3 g / 1 m2

Introduction to the place of accumulation of ants during the growing season


30 days (1)

Onions (except onions on feather)

Introduction to the garden immediately after sowing or planting seedlings in the ground

74 days (1)


109 days (1)

Lawn, flower cultures

Adding to the anthill or to the place of accumulation of ants to a depth of 2-3 cm

- (1)

- (1)

Security measures

Diazinon is nongenotoxic, does not show a pronounced teratogenic and embryotoxic effect in model animal experiments.

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