Caring for berry bushes

Complete the strawberry planting

Before the end of the second week of September, it is advisable to plant garden strawberries. When planting strawberry seedlings, remember that the point of growth is important not to dig into the soil, so that in the spring young plants will not rot. After planting the seedlings in the ground, they should be poured abundantly, and the soil should be mulched with sawdust, which is spread on a layer of 4-5 cm on polyethylene or other waterproof material.

Cut the raspberries

After collecting the berries should be autumn pruning raspberries. On each bush it is necessary to cut all old shoots with a secateur, leaving no stumps.

Prepare planting pits for berry bushes

At the same time, you can start planning new plantings of raspberries, currants and gooseberries. Decide where you want to plant the bushes and dig suitable planting holes: 60 × 40 cm - for currants and gooseberries, 50 × 30 - for raspberries and blackberries, 60 × 45 - for blueberries, 100 × 80 - for grapes (the first value is width the second is the depth).

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