Trays for birds: original ideas with photos

In summer, a small saucer with water can be used to lure feathered guests to the garden. What is it for?

Imagine the picture: you are lying in a hammock in the shade of the trees and are watching the birds bathing. Already wanted to install in the garden bath for "stray"? Then read on - we will show you how to do it.

In the intense heat of the birds, it is very thirsty, as well as the desire to swim in clean water. Typically, birds "rest" in the puddles, but much more they like the special bath, where they can refresh themselves, and at the same time not become prey to predators.

Baths can be made independently. Simply put a shallow bowl in the garden and fill it with water. You can also search for birdbaths at horticultural stores. Sometimes there are really interesting and very decorative things. And bird baths can be a truly original design element.

1. Concrete vase bath

An old concrete vase can become a bird bath if it is “renewed” with white paint and the bottom is filled with pebbles. Pebbles will help the birds to move easily in the mini-pool. Water needs to pour a little. With the help of pebbles you can make a multi-level bath.

2. Bath in the form of a nest

So that the birds do not have to search for a bath for a long time, it should be hung directly to a tree branch. And if you also arrange the bath in the form of a nest, then you get a completely unusual design element that will look organic on a tree. And although such a "nest" is not intended for life at all, the birds will certainly like it.

3. Homemade cement pool

A birdbath can be made from anything, even from a cement slurry, and in any shape you wish. Such a homemade bath surely fits into any design, because who knows better than you exactly what the garden lacks?

4. Bath room surrounded by flowers

Place a bath for birds in the flower garden - the perfect solution. So you can enjoy not only the beauty of the plants, but also the perky chirping of birds. In order for the massive stone bath to be in harmony with the overall composition, several color elements can be added to it. In our case, this is a purple ball that blends perfectly with acidic in the background, and green pebbles in harmony with greenery.

5. Bath room with a mosaic bottom

Any item decorated with mosaics acquires a special charm. So the birdbath with a mosaic bottom will certainly become a key subject (especially if thematic pictures are laid out on it). If you fail to find such a thing on sale, it is quite possible to do it yourself. How to create mosaic elements for a garden, read here.

6. Bath Fountain

A small fountain can serve as a bath for birds. The sound of flowing water for birds is a real magnet. The fountain will not only decorate the garden, but also “revive” it and fill it with sounds. Solid benefits!

7. Tray of branches and saucers

Who said exclusive things should be expensive? It is enough to take three large branches left after pruning trees and one glass pan - and you will have a unique bath for birds. And in combination and a peculiar decoration of the garden.

8. Unusual sculpture - great for bathing.

Of course, the birds do not care what their swimming pool looks like. And this is a big plus, because you can put in the garden the most intricate object that you want. For example, it seems to you that the hand of the troll is something that your favorite garden lacked. Then what is the matter? Birds will not convict you, but will only be grateful for the arrangement of a place for rest.

Birdbath Tips

  • You should not make the tub deeper than 5-7 cm. Birds do not have enough water to refresh themselves.
  • Fill the bath should be clean with fresh water. You need to change it every few days.
  • If algae or mold appeared in the pool, they should be removed with a small brush when replacing water.
  • Place the bath in a place where birds can easily detect it.
  • The height of placement of the bath depends on which species of birds become guests of your garden. From time to time the bath can be moved to understand at what distance from the ground it is best to be located.
  • Place the hanging baths at a height that is easy to maintain: pour water, clean it if necessary.
  • If there is a forest near your site, you can place the swimming pool lower - suddenly you manage to lure a squirrel.

Do you want your site filled with bird singing? Then be sure to install a bath for birds! At the same time it is not necessary to spend crazy money on it. As you can see, it is quite possible to make from scrap materials, and at the same time organically fit into the design.

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