9 interesting ideas for the garden in 2016

It is not necessary to sacrifice practicality to style. The garden can remain functional, but at the same time look fashionable and well maintained. We will tell you about the latest trends in the world of garden design.

The main idea of ​​the season is non-standard and economical solutions, as well as the use of old methods in a new way. Many exterior ideas will come by themselves, just enough to show a little imagination and ingenuity.

1. Black is back in fashion

Black background, whose presence on the site trying to avoid, it may be beneficial to emphasize or shade green spaces and flowers. To do this, you can paint the individual elements of the walls, fence or decorative panels in an impenetrable black color or apply stain. In addition, the dark background soothes and gives the garden a mystery.

2. House numbers painted

A simple and economical solution to ensure that the postman delivers parcels to the right address, and guests do not wander around the village in search of the right house. "Drawn" house numbers are not afraid of deformation, corrosion, chips and cracks, they will not break or steal. In addition, such a "decoration" is worth nothing - any owner will find a little old paintsleft over from previous work.

3. Edible miniature plants

There is a special group small plantswhich can be eaten. For example, mountaineer, starlet, adoxa (nutmeg) other. Many of them are considered almost weeds and grow freely in the wild. But why not grow a couple of subspecies in my area?

You can eat only some parts of plants, mainly young shoots.

Tiny sprouts germinate pretty quickly (it takes about two weeks to seed get the first shoots). Some plants sometimes need to be “trimmed” to get an unforgettable taste when eaten.

4. High beds, painted in dark colors

The high beds themselves are a new trend and in the past mostly fresh unpainted boards were used. However, more and more often they are painted in blue, green, dark gray and brown. It is believed that in this way the garden looks more strictly and well-groomed.

5. Bamboo accessories

Bamboo - it is durable, lightweight, attractive and inexpensive material. It began to be used to create small architectural forms, sheds, fences and trellis for climbing plants. However, the use of bamboo in the area is limited only by your imagination.

6. Mini meadow

The idea of ​​creating a natural location for the habitat of birds, butterflies and bees has long been occupied by the thoughts of gardeners. For this you need to land on a small bed wildflowers and perennial plants. Along the way, you can experiment with growing winter hardy crops. Agree, a tempting idea is to have your own "wild" corner among well-groomed beds and cut trees.

7. Flower confetti

Studded petals paths, tabletops and beds are a wonderful and unforgettable sight. It is intended to replace the usual expensive vases full of flowers. Petals roses - classic and, perhaps, the most romantic option with a wonderful aroma. You can also use petals cornflowers, poppy and other wild flowers.

8. Paved walkways

An old-fashioned design that brings us back to the times when horse-drawn vans ran down the center of the highway, on which there was no asphalt yet. They return to fashion not only because of nostalgia, but also because of their ability to divert water - excess liquid is absorbed into the surface between the stones.

9. Plant protection

No matter how beautiful you may be in the area - if the plants die, there will be no joy from it. Therefore, you need to take care of their protection. Scandinavian gardeners have long and successfully resist the cold winters and bring plants into the premises. So they keep crocuses, daffodils, muscari and amaryllis.


We hope that you will certainly adopt some of these ideas, as they will help make your garden a luxurious place to relax. And, not least, it will look fresh and original.


According to the site www.gardenista.com

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