What and how to feed the birds and animals in the winter?

Feeding up the birds, we are unlikely to be able to save some rare species from extinction, because the feeders are visited mainly by common birds. Then why do many people annually make feeders for birds and wild animals?

Strange as it may seem, but from such dressings a person receives more advantages than the birds themselves. Flying birds not only enliven the boring winter garden, but continue to visit it in the spring and destroy insects that harm our plants. In addition, feeding the birds, we feel joy and pride, because we are doing a good deed. And if there are children in your family, then thanks to the contact with the birds, they get acquainted with the wild nature and learn to protect it.

There are downsides to feeding birds. We have to go out into the cold to fill the feeder. Yes, and traces of the stay of birds do not add to the site of beauty. Birds often stain roofs and windows, scatter food on the ground. But if you are not lazy to clean up after the birds, then treat feedings responsibly and follow certain rules in order not to harm the winged pets.

Where better to hang a bird feeder?

First you need to think about the safety of birds. If you install the feeder on the balcony or in the winter verandah, the birds will fly there through the open window, will profit, but may not find their way back and will fear to beat against the glass. Therefore, it is better to hang the feeder in the garden in the open area. To the cat could not jump to the birds, the feeder must be located at a height of not less than 120 cm from ground level.

It is better to hang the feeder on a bush, and not on a tree, since it is easier for the cat to reach the birds in the thick trunk

How to feed the birds in the winter?

The most versatile food for birds is peeled sunflower seeds. They are loved by almost all species of birds, which in winter arrive in such "canteens". For thrushes in frosty days, you can cut raisins, dried dates and dried apricots into small pieces. And during thaws - strung a fresh apple on sticks.

Sparrows can be fed with various cereals or special food for canaries (sold in a pet shop). And tits, besides sunflower seeds, will eagerly eat raisins and unsalted lard without seasonings.

If there is an unfrozen reservoir near your dacha, do not be lazy to visit the ducks and swans. Treat them to grains or lettuce.

Nuthatch, like many other birds, is not averse to eat sunflower seeds

Birds can not be fed black bread and pastries (cakes, rolls). It is less dangerous, but also undesirable to give feathery dried loaf. In addition, from the diet you need to exclude any products containing seasonings and a large amount of salt, as well as cheeses, smoked meats, and spoiled (rotten) fruits and vegetables. If you are afraid to make a mistake and harm the birds, purchase a special feed for birds at the pet store.

If you like to admire the flying birds in the winter, plant aronia, paradise apple, mountain ash, viburnum, elder, wild grapes on your plot. In late autumn, do not pick fruit from plants. In winter, birds will live on them.

How to feed animals in the winter?

Squirrels often drop in bird feeders. Do not drive away these fluffy beauties: they are unlikely to leave the birds hungry. It is better to hang a separate feeder for them and put nuts there.

As a rule, wild animals that live in the forest can be fed only with the permission of the forester and only in severe winters. Members of the Deer family can pour hay or straw and install salt salt lizunets.

A full feeder installed in a specially designated place will help animals safely survive the frosty winter.

If your site is located near the city or village, do not forget the "inhabitants" of these places. Homeless cats and dogs in winter have a very hard time. Leave them food in a place where animals will not be able to prevent passersby, because not all people are touched when they see a battered cat greedily chewing on a fish's head. Unattended cats and dogs quickly remember the location of such "restaurants" and will surely come there again, so leave food for them in the same place.

To keep food for cats and dogs not covered with snow, leave it in a sheltered place under a canopy.

Note: dogs should not be given chicken (tubular) bones. They can be hurt by animals. And in general, the bones of homeless animals will not be full. Cats and dogs can be given any meat that is not too fat. It is not necessary to share with them the best piece of beef, animals will be happy with any meat trimmings and offal, vegetables, liver sausage and fish. However, you need to be careful with fish: many cats can chew fish bones, and hungry dogs grab pieces entirely and can injure the throat, therefore dogs are given only bone-cleared fish.

Do not remain indifferent to birds and animals. People also have a hard time living in the winter, but we can buy food in the store. And our smaller brothers will die of hunger without human help.

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