We continue the January work

Keep the snow in the garden

Make sure that the snow cover in the garden was at least 10-15 cm. Otherwise, the earth will freeze too deep and will thaw out and warm for a long time in spring. Therefore, the snow that you remove from the yard, throw on the beds.

Keep on forcing green

If you did not have time to start the forcing of greens (parsley, onion, celery) in January, it's time to start this work. The first time you can keep the pots in a dark place. But as soon as the first shoots appear, the containers must be rearranged to the light.

Make a plan for the garden

If this year you decide to change the location of the beds, start drawing up a new garden plan now, while there is not much work to do. Learn more about new ways of growing plants. Perhaps this season you finally decide to get high or vertical beds.

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