9 effective ways to uproot the old stump on the site

Over time, trees planted in the country inevitably grow old, fall ill, degenerate, or cease to fit into the design. They are easy to cut, but not everybody can uproot the stumps at the site, or rather, not everyone knows how to do it correctly.

Clearing a plot of trees and shrubs is a long and laborious process. Of course, you can pay professionals and admire the work of technology, but it will cost a lot. Let us consider the main ways in which you can get rid of excess natural element on its territory.

Mechanical uprooting stumps

The uprooting of trees and stumps is a fairly profitable business, so it is easy to find specialists in any field who are ready to drive equipment to your home and solve the issue of stumps in a couple of hours.

Stump chopper

The stump grinder is a huge mill that turns wood into chips. Its size is comparable to a garden wheelbarrow, so the chopper is easy to deliver to any part of the site and not damage the adjacent plantings. It works not only with the ground part of the stump, but also with the underground part, going 30 cm deep.

Unfortunately, there are fewer quality shredders on the market, so not all firms can provide such a service. It is also expensive and suitable for removing the stumps of those trees that do not give abundant root growth.

Earthmoving machinery

You can dig a stump with the help of special equipment: an excavator, a manipulator or a bulldozer. But this way of advantages only has the speed and work with the largest stumps, but there are significantly more minuses.

Firstly, the work of such equipment is always very expensive, and the stumps will turn out to be just "golden." Secondly, not such a large car can come in at every site — gates and gates may simply not be designed for it. And finally, even in the dry season or in winter, these machines damage the soil very much, and from the lawn they will leave only lumps.

Therefore, it is good to use such equipment at the stage of preparing the site for building or if there are many large stumps in the territory and cannot cope with them in other ways.

Manual methods of stump clearing

If you have only a couple of stumps on a site, you are confident in your abilities and are not ready to overpay for what you can do yourself, you will come to the aid of proven methods of removing stumps manually.

Removing tree stumps with fire

If you have unlimited time and firewood, and your neighbors are loyal to the smell of smoke, you can turn your stump into a selective fertilizer - wood ash.

To do this, it will be necessary to drill holes in the cut, pour the ignition fluid into them and set them on fire. At first, it will be necessary to force the inflow of oxygen to the fire, but as soon as the holes are enlarged, you will only need to throw firewood and promptly remove the burned-out part. This should be done carefully, because otherwise the combustion will slow down.

If the stump is very hard or you have nothing to drill holes, make a fire right on the saw cut - it will gradually burn through, turning into a hole.

Rooting up stumps on the site with a winch

If you are only planning to cut down a tree and remove its roots, you can use a winch. To do this, leave a stump height of about 1 m - it will be easier to handle it.

Fasten the winch with a force of 3 tons on the nearest tree or pole, tie it with a rope or an additional rope. Dig the stump in a circle, at a distance of 1.5 m from the trunk, in order to bare the roots. Chop them off or cut them with a hacksaw. Only after that turn on the winch, and from its side place a wooden stump under the stump.

Rooting up stumps on the plot with an ax and scrap

Dig the stump in a circle at a distance of 1-1.5 m from the base so that the roots are exposed. Chop them and slip the crowbar under the stump. With an effort, lift it and the stump will be torn out of the ground.

This method is suitable for removing stumps with a diameter of not more than 20 cm. If the stump is larger, then you will spend too much time and effort.

If the tree, from which the stump is left, does not give the root growth, you can simply cut it to the ground level, chop the cut with an ax and cover it with earth - it will gradually rot by itself.

Rooting up stumps on the plot with water

At a distance of half a meter from the roots of the stump, dig a hole and begin to wash it with water under pressure. After some time, the roots will be washed away, and the stump will hang in the air. Then the main roots can be chopped off, and the stump itself can be removed.

The option of washing out the stump is suitable not for all summer residents, but only for those who have their own water source and pump at the site, able to supply it under good pressure. If water is given on a schedule, or you have to go to the well, consider other options. In addition, this method is rather dirty, and it will not work on an already improved plot in the middle of flower beds and beds. Although if there are no delicate plants around, afraid of flooding, then you can take a chance.

Chemical means for removing tree roots

You do not have good physical strength and are not willing to endure construction equipment on your site? Then you should know how to remove the stump without uprooting. To help you come funds that are easy to get on sale.


Not the fastest way to a length of a year is suitable for those who want to get rid of the stump without any extra effort. It is enough to drill several holes with a diameter of 1-3 cm in it, fill the urea in there and tightly wrap all with polyethylene.

By next season there will be no trace of the stump, and the vacant space can be used.

Potassium nitrate

This method is similar to the previous one in its first part: in the cold season, during a thaw, a drill with a thick drill in the stump drills holes up to 40 cm in depth at the rate of one hole per 10 cm of diameter. Water is poured into them, and then potassium nitrate is tamped in for several days. After the stump is wound with polyethylene and in this form is left until spring. Under the influence of saltpeter, the tree dries quickly, and in spring it can be easily burned without residue.

Burning stumps (both after treatment with nitrate and without it) is prohibited on peat soils.


If you plan to put a gazebo, barn or other building at the place of the stump, then the option of using salt will suit you. But remember that salt will destroy not only the stump itself, but also the soil around it, so it will not work to plant something there anymore.

Immediately after the cut, start sprinkling stump with coarse salt, do not regret it and add it after each rain. Salt will saturate the wood, and it will turn into dust.

If you do not want to use the preparations on the plot and are ready to wait a few years, grow mushrooms on the stump.

Mycelium of mushrooms or oyster mushrooms is sold in all garden stores, and you just have to drill a few holes in the stump, spread the seed there, water it and cover it with moss or soil according to the instructions on the package. You will receive the first mushrooms in the next season, and for 4-5 years only memories will remain from the stump.

Still not sure if you can quickly uproot the stump on your own? Then try to turn it into a flower bed and make it the pride of your garden.

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