Growing petunias seedlings - highlights

Over time, each grower comes to his own method of sowing seeds for seedlings. However, there are some basic rules that you need to know. They are used in the cultivation of petunias.

After sowing the seeds in late February - March, the container should be covered with a film or glass. And even better for this use non-woven covering material. It not only protects the seedlings from the temperature drop, but also allows air and moisture to pass through.

Where to grow seedlings?

From sowing to the appearance of the first shoots, as a rule, 5-7 days pass. Just during this period it is very important to adhere to the thermal and light modes. To do this, you need to choose the right place to stay containers. It should be light, but direct sunlight should not fall all day on the soil with seeds. Therefore, containers need to periodically pritenyat from the sun. If the place is not lit enough, you can use the backlight lamps.

Seedlings of petunia for good growth really need sunlight

Temperature and humidity

Temperature the content of crops with crops should be 22-24 ° C. At low temperatures, modern hybrids will not germinate, and at high temperatures they can get sick. When shoots appear, the daytime temperature should be lowered to 18-20 ° С, and at night to 14-16 ° С. If the containers were covered with non-woven material, then it is time to remove it. Glass and film need to be removed gradually: first, daily open the crops for a while, gradually increasing this interval. First, it is enough to slightly open the container for 10 minutes a day. You can completely remove the glass or film when the first true leaflets appear.

Humidity and watering

In the first week the seeds should be water 1-2 times a day. Desirable settled water at room temperature with the addition of potassium permanganate (light pink solution). It is also important to maintain certain humidity level (for granulated seeds - 98%, for ordinary - 95%).

It is important to water the petunias in moderation, because when over-wetting the plants are at risk of getting a black leg. This is manifested by thinning the legs at the base and collapsing plants. When the disease appears, stop spraying, and water only along the container walls. The soil in the field of the disease should be sprinkled with dry sand or wood ash. The main way to deal with this disease in seedlings is to remove healthy plants from the sick.

Petunia feeding

One week after the emergence of shoots, petunias can be fertilized - pour with mineral fertilizers. They should be made no more than 1 time in 10 days. In case of bad shoots, seedlings should be sprayed with a plant growth stimulator, but not more than twice during the growing period.

When to dive seedlings?

It is time to pick the plants when they have two true leaves. Approximately 3-4 weeks from the date of sowing petunia seeds. But you can resort to an early pick at the cotyledon stage. This is especially worth doing when a black leg appears. Mix for picking plants should be richer than when planting. You can add 1/5 of the humus to it, and even better - a granular fertilizer of long-acting.

Petunia is ready for picking about a month after sowing

Transplant plants need pots or special containers with a diameter of 6-7 cm and more. At the bottom it is important to remember to make holes to eliminate excess moisture. After filling the tanks, the mixture should be slightly pressed down and sprayed with water. Seedlings should be transferred to the wells with a depth of 1.5 cm and a width of 2 cm. They should be transplanted along with a clod of earth.

When transplanting you need to ensure that the seed beds are slightly higher than the level of the mixture. Next, for seedlings should pick a bright place. After the appearance of three pairs of these leaves you need pinch the top. After 12-14 weeks from the date of sowing seeds, seedlings of petunias are ready for transplantation into open ground (May-June).

Growing petunia seedlings correctly, you will enjoy the flowering of these magnificent flowers all summer.

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