Brazier, stove, barbecue - what to choose for cooking in the country

Of course, they are not going to the dacha at all in order to "stand behind the stove" again. But where else, if not in the open air, you can cook original and delicate dishes, which are not possible to try in urban settings?

What could be more delicious than dishes cooked in the open air? To create culinary masterpieces, you should use only those devices that are specifically designed for certain dishes. Let's look at the most popular ones.

If you make a rating of the most popular dishes of the street kitchen, then kebabs and their derivatives will take first place by a large margin. Cooking meat, gradually turning or rotating it over the coals, learned about 1 million years ago. Then in the same way they began to deal with poultry, fish, vegetables and mushrooms. In nature, all these products are successfully grilled.

Braziers are of several types: collapsible steel, stationary cast iron and table. The folding barbecue is convenient because it is mobile, transportable and easy to assemble. But thin steel sheets are deformed by temperature fluctuations and poorly retain heat. In addition, the grill should be installed only on a flat surface.

Pig-iron braziers in this respect are more reliable, they keep the heat longer, and the food is roasted evenly. The lack of cast iron barbecue - its high cost and the impossibility of disassembly.

An interesting variation is the disposable grill - a convenient recyclable kebab house from the grill, pan, a set of coals and ignition. On this mini grill you can cook up to 1 kg of meat or 3 kg of fish. A similar design is the table grill. It runs on gas and allows you to fry a couple of portions of selected kebabs quickly and anywhere.

In fact, barbecue is a type of mangal. They are also stationary and portable, often supplemented by gas or electrical equipment. Stationary barbecues, or garden ovens, are often equipped with additional lockers for storing firewood or dishes. Portable barbecues are usually equipped with small wheels, with the help of which the equipment can be moved to another area of ​​the site.

Simple models work on solid fuel (wood), as well as complemented by rotating gratings and heat-reflecting covers. Manufacturers do not in vain choose a round shape for a barbecue - in it the heat is distributed evenly and fry food quality. Gas and electric models are suitable for any season, because they are not afraid of the cold. And to simulate the smell of smoke will help flavors like liquid smoke. You can cook any kind of barbecue dishes: meat, fish, poultry, seafood and vegetables.

This device will appeal more to avid fishermen. In general, smoking is not the most healthy form of cooking, they should not get carried away. A smokehouse is a metal or wooden tank with a grill or crossbar for smoking foods, a fuel holder and a drip tray. Smokehouses are gas, electric or coal.

The electric smokehouse is the simplest and most convenient to use; after turning it on, it does everything itself. Smoke emit heating elements, and smoking time is programmed. Gas smokehouses lay stones (sometimes of volcanic origin) and heat them with a gas burner. Coal smokehouses use solid fuels (dry wood or coal).

Smoking is hot, cold and half hot. Hot smoked foods are exposed to hot smoke. The cooking process takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours. The method is suitable for low-fat products, because all the fat is smelted, and food is stored for no more than two days. Cold smoking lasts from 10 hours to several days. Smoke temperature does not exceed 25 ° C. Products with this type of smoking are stored longer. In the case of a mixed type, a special nozzle is used to regulate the temperature.

Thick-walled ceramic furnaces of elongated shape came to us from the East. Often they look like a giant cylinder with a hole in the side, located on a special elevation. Inside the fire is kindled, and after the stove is heated, products are put into it and covered with a lid. Traditionally, tandoor is used to bake flatbreads, attaching them to the walls, lamb patties and of course kebabs.

The classic cauldron is a cast-iron, aluminum or copper pot with a convex bottom. Cauldrons are also stationary (mounted in a furnace or placed on stones) and suspended (Kazanka). Food in a cauldron does not burn, even at high temperatures. Unfortunately, the set of dishes for cooking in a cauldron is very limited: first of all, it is pilaf, soup-shurpa and vegetable stew.

For residents of the southern regions, such a furnace is a real salvation, because cooking in hot weather in a house means increasing the temperature in it even more. The summer stove can be installed on any site in the middle lane - you can operate it most of the season. Dishes cooked in this oven will conquer you with their unique taste and aroma.

This is a natural and convenient source of fire that will require a minimum of effort from you. All that is needed is to make a small open flame and build coasters for the pot or skewers from the branches. You will be surprised, but often landscape designers are asked to organize a fireplace right on the site, since such a simple solution allows you to enjoy another delicacy - potatoes baked on coals.

To equip the summer kitchen in the country can be using different devices. Choose the option that best suits you depending on your culinary preferences, and share photos of your dishes in our group on Facebook.

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