How to make your own cozy berso?

Bersault is the original arbor tunnel, which is not only built, but also grown. Such a French design element can be safely placed on a large area. Learn how to do it right.

Bersault translates from French as "gazebo, twined climbing plants." The skeleton of the building is made of vertical supports in the form of a tunnel, and suitable vines or trees are planted along the entire length. To create berso and maintain it in good condition will take a lot of time and effort.

Apply this option for landscaping a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland. At the exit from the tunnel (to enhance the effect) they create landscape natural paintings in the form of unusual flower gardens using sculptures that can be replaced with topirian compositions.

If there is no time to build berso, it can be replaced with several small canopies along the whole path.

A long corridor can end with a spacious gazebo, from which a colorful view of the pond, playground and recreation area opens.
In a small area, berso can be replaced with an ordinary pergola woven over with wild grapes or another decorative vine.

Frame for berso

It is necessary to choose the material for the frame in accordance with the style of the plot, so that the object is combined with garden paths, finishing of residential and farm buildings. Suitable solid or glued laminated timber (cedar, larch or pine) or metal pipes.

They are also made of brick, natural stone and concrete. The distance between the racks should be about one meter. The arch can be trellised or from transverse beams. The shape depends on your taste: arched, gable or flat.

Metal Carscas for Berso - for ages

Restrictions on the height of the structure does not exist. But do not get involved much, because you have to later take care of plantings. The main thing is that the corridor could walk in full growth. To increase the life of the structure, it is treated with antiseptics, varnish or paint.

Equally important is the color berso:

  • white will give freshness and brightness to the object;
  • the natural texture of the tree will emphasize the lush green plantings;
  • colors such as sand, dull green, will shift the focus from the design to the plants.

If Berso is located near the house, paint it in the same shades as the walls of the building.

Plants for berso

For planting, use tree species that do not break when bent: yellow acacia, hawthorn, willow, hanging birch, black chokeberry, hornbeam, small-leaved linden, larch, Caragana. Prerequisite: they must all tolerate a good haircut.

From perennial vines fit honeysuckle, climbing roses, species clematis, maiden grapes, large-leaved kirkazon, Aulopte's fallopia, lemongrass, actinidia, round-leaved.

Planting material is planted outside the tunnel at a distance of 40-50 cm from each other, a maximum of 70 cm, and 0.5-1 m from the wall. Trunks and large branches attached to the frame of the building. Shoots growing inward, tied to the crossbeams or shears removed.

Typically, the "vegetable veil" for berso is formed over 3-5 years, so you have to be patient. Be sure to make a path of stone, brick or paving slabs. Make lighting and equip a place to rest.