Planting cherry seedlings: detailed instructions for a beginner

You do not know how to plant a sweet cherry? Use these tips - and you will be able to acquire a fruiting tree.

Cherries can be grown out of a stone, but this is a very long process, and such a tree will most likely not retain its varietal qualities - the berries will be small and sour. If you want to get a harvest of tasty and juicy fruits as quickly as possible, get in a specialized nursery one or two years old grafted seedling.

  • Do you know how to choose good saplings of cherries and sweet cherries?
    How to choose a seedling that will bring a good harvest of sweet berries, and not disappointment.

When is it better to plant a sweet cherry?

In regions with an unstable climate, sweet cherry is planted in early spring before the buds swell (most often in April), and in the south it can be planted in the fall. At the same time, the well for the seedling is prepared in advance - in the fall (even during spring planting).

In the northern regions, it is not recommended to plant sweet cherries in the autumn, as during the first frost annual gains may freeze. Then the seedling risks dying.

Place for planting cherries

Cherries "lodge" in a sunny and well-protected place from the wind. The soil should be fertile, loose and moisture permeable. For example, loamy or loamy sandy earth is suitable, but heavy, clayey, peaty and deep sandy land is unsuitable.

Sweet cherry grows well and bears fruit in areas located on the south side

In the fall, planting holes 80 cm deep and 100 cm wide are dug. At a distance of 3-5 m, several more holes are being dug for seedlings of other varieties of sweet cherries with the same flowering period. These plants will act as pollinators.

Secrets of the correct planting cherries

In the fall, 1/3 of the landing pits are filled with prepared soil mixture from fertile land (2 buckets) and humus (10 kg). In this form they are left before planting cherry seedlings.

Drainage should be poured at the bottom of the pit (especially when grown on moist soil), because the cherry does not tolerate stagnant water.

In early spring, potassium sulfate (60 g), superphosphate (100-120 g) are added to the pit and mixed thoroughly with the soil. Then a support column for a seedling is installed in the hole and a mound of fertile soil without fertilizers is poured in the center.

A sapling is placed on the soil mound, gently straightening its roots. Then gradually pour the ground, slightly tamping, so that the root neck of the seedling (the place where the roots pass into the stem) was 3-5 cm above the soil level. After that, the plant is watered abundantly (spend 10 liters of water) and mulch with peat, humus or fallen leaves.

When planting a sweet cherry seedling, the root neck cannot be buried

When water is absorbed, and the earth will settle a little, the seedling of the "eight" is tied to a peg. The loop is made moderately free, so that later the binding material does not squeeze the wood.

Care for a young sapling of sweet cherry

Immediately after planting, the seedling is pruned at a height of 1 m. In the next season, lateral shoots will begin to develop from dormant buds, on which in the future a harvest will be formed. In the fall of the second year, only 3-4 well-located and well-developed skeletal branches are left on the tree and pruned them into 1/3. And the central conductor (the longest vertical shoot) is cut at a height of 80-100 cm from the first (lowest) tier of branches. Thus the second tier of branches is laid. Subsequently, 2-3 well-developed and successfully located shoots are left on it. The remaining branches are cut, and the center conductor is again shortened at a height of 80-100 cm from the branches of the second tier. A year later, lay the third (last) tier, consisting of 1-2 branches.

Cherry Forming Scheme

Cherries do not tolerate neighborhoods with weeds, so until late autumn the tree trunks weed regularly. It is also important to provide the plant with timely, but moderate watering, since even a short-term stagnant moisture can destroy the immature seedling.

In order for the young tree to safely winter, in September it needs to be fed with phosphate fertilizer (40-60 g of granulated superphosphate are introduced per 1 sq. M).

Sweet cherry is a thermophilic culture. Therefore, before you plant it on your plot, competently approach the choice of a suitable variety. Only trees of winter-hardy varieties can withstand the cool and unpredictable weather of the middle lane.

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