5 autumn flower arrangements for growing in containers

We share ideas on how to create an autumn flower garden in containers. And no frosts are scary!

Depending on the weather, September can be considered a farewell smile of summer or the beginning of a magical autumn. Whatever it was, the fact remains that the September sun makes gardens and parks sparkle with all the shades of noble gold. Just imagine how the evening rays will play in these potted compositions!

Cheerful company

Yellow, orange, red, ruby ​​- this combination has all the shades for which you can love autumn!



"Prima" of this potted flower garden - antirrinum Snapshot Orange F1 (Snapshot Orange F1). These charming annuals bloom profusely until frost. Bright, fragrant inflorescences are collected in brushes that resemble the open mouth of a lion, so this flower is often called the lion's throat.

Antirrynuma preferably planted in the background.


An evergreen shrub of Chinese Loropetalum is planted in front of the lion's throat. In this composition, used plant varieties Pearl Pixie (Purple Pixie). This Loropetalum grows only up to 5 cm in height and up to 12 cm in width. It can be grown as an ampelous plant.


Next to Loropetalum planted violet horned varieties Clear Yellow (Clear Yellow) with bright lemon flowers. In the container, this violet will bloom perfectly until the end of September, and even until mid-October.


The final touch of the composition - geykhery with purple foliage color. In this case, the choice fell on varieties Miracle (Miracle) and Sparklin Burgundy (Sparkling Burgundy).

  • The idea of ​​a delightful autumn mixborder
    The scheme of a beautiful autumn flower garden in a violet-yellow gamut.

Bouquet in a pumpkin

What can symbolize the coming of autumn better than a pot-bellied orange pumpkin? This vegetable is excellent in that it can be used not only for the preparation of fantastically delicious dishes, but also for effective decor.

One of the unusual ways to use a pumpkin at your summer cottage is to turn it into a nice container for plants. For this:

1. Choose beautiful a pumpkin whose diameter is slightly smaller than the diameter of the bush. If the plant is too compact, this container will not look very decorative.
2. Peel the pumpkin from the pulp and fill with soil.
3. Plant the plant and water. Done!

In such a "pot" you can safely plant autumn-flowering asters, chrysanthemums or tall stonecrop.

Autumn gold

What is your motto: “Simple, but with taste”? Take note of the idea of ​​this charming "potted" flower garden. The terracotta-clay scale successfully shades the bright yellow color of the flowers. Such a composition will delight the eye on a cloudy autumn day.


The center of this "flower garden" is a spectacular viola. Matrix Yellow Blotch (Matrix Yellow Blotch) with golden maroon flowers. Any other yellow pansies can be used instead.

  • Viola - flowers lovers
    Be sure to plant a symbol of eternal love in your flower garden.


Viola's "Neighbor" - Grade Violet Penny Clear Yellow (Penny Clear Yellow). It will decorate containers until the first frost. All she needs in return is at least 6 hours of sunlight per day and potash-phosphorus or organic supplements.


The background on which this magnificent vegetative "action" will be played will be the calamity. In our case, air cereal varieties are used. Ogon (Ogon).

Delightful Tagetes

Flower arrangement with a touch of rustic chic. Ideal for clay pots.


Marigolds may seem "gray mouse" against the backdrop of the summer riot of colors. But with the onset of autumn, everything changes - in the dim garden a rich orange-red range of their flowers will certainly attract admiring glances.

The main highlight of this flower ensemble - marigold small-color varieties Bonanza harmony (Bonanza Harmony).


How about planting mustard just for beauty? We like this idea!

In this composition, purple-red bush Japanese leaf mustard varieties Red jint (Red Giant) contrasts interestingly with orange marigolds.


Complements this mini-bed of stonecrops rocky varieties Angelina (Angelina).

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Elegant Succulents

Most succulents are hardy and do not lose their beauty with the onset of cold weather. And this means that they are perfectly suited for creating autumn flower beds in containers.


African Portulakaria Red Stem (Red Stem) occupies most of the container space. This plant is originally from southern Africa, but is well suited for autumn cultivation - portulakaria withstands cold temperatures down to -4 ° C.


Echeveria is a plant of the Jumbo family, favored by florists. And this is not surprising - it is beautiful and spectacular.


Rejuvenated, or stone rose, needs no introduction. It can be found in abundance in forests and gardens. This succulent differs frost resistance and unpretentiousness.

  • Stone Rose: the charm of modesty
    Molodil is often called the stone rose, emphasizing the similarity of its basal rosettes with frozen bulk rose buds.

What composition did you like? Tell us about it in the comments!

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