How to plant peonies in the spring - step-by-step master class with photos

Spring planting of peonies is not much different from autumn. Although some features still have ...

Many people think that peonies can be planted only in August-September, after they were dug and divided. But the sale of seedlings do not usually come before February. What to do? Buy a deal and wait for the arrival of autumn? Of course not! Peonies survive well after landing in the spring. The main thing is to do everything right.

Peony has two periods of growth of suction roots - autumn (August-September) and spring (April-May). It is at this time that it is recommended to plant the plants in the ground.

In the spring, planting peonies is necessary until steady warming has begun, so that before the outgrowth of the sprouts begin to grow, the delenka can take a little root.

How to choose good rhizomes of pions

First of all, pay attention to the packaging. A bona fide manufacturer will always indicate:

  • name of the variety;
  • a brief description of the plant;
  • the amount of planting material in pieces;
  • mark of passing the quality control;
  • landing instructions.

After exploring the packaging, proceed to the inspection of the room (usually this is easy to do, because peonies are sold in plastic bags with attached labels). It should have 2-3 kidney renewals and at least 2 adventitious roots longer than 5 cm. But no signs of damage or signs of disease are important!

It is better to refuse the purchase if:

  • the touch is wet or, on the contrary, too dry;
  • packaging smells like mold or rot;
  • on the rhizome there are growths or nodular thickenings (such planting material may be infected with cancer or affected by the root nematode).

If there are only 1-2 buds on the delenka, this does not mean that the plant will certainly die. Most often, such peonies simply grow more slowly and bloom a year later.

In this video we will show how a good peony should look like, ready for disembarking to a permanent place.

Planting peony in open ground

In general, the technology of spring planting of peonies is not much different from the autumn one. The pit can be dug in advance so that the soil has time to settle down a bit. But some growers do this on the day of planting. If you are one of them, then this instruction is for you.

Step 1

We dig a planting pit with a size of at least 60 × 60 cm. Fold the upper soil layer separately.

Step 2

At the bottom of the pit we pour drainage (expanded clay, broken bricks, river sand, etc.) with a layer of 10-15 cm.

Step 3

We fill up half of the excavated fertile soil, 1-2 buckets of compost or humus, 200 g of superphosphate and 300-400 g of ash. Stir. If the soil is clay, add a bucket of sand or peat, and if sandy - add a bucket of clay.

Step 4

From above, we fill in the remaining fertile soil with a hillock so that to the edges of the pit there remain about 10-12 cm.

Step 5

We place the pion's delicion in the center, after straightening the roots (they should be directed downwards or to the sides). If the soil on the site is heavy, we deepen the division by 5 cm, and if the soil is light, by 7 cm from the beginning of the growth of the kidneys. To visually check the level of the soil, you can attach a spade handle to the pit.

If you strongly bury a peony - it will not bloom. This is one of the main reasons for the lack of flowering. If, on the contrary, the plant is planted too close to the soil surface, in winter it can freeze.

Step 6

Carefully fill the rhizome of the peony with earth, slightly compacting it with your hands so as not to damage the kidneys. In no case should not trample down the ground.

Step 7

Make a cushion around the hole from the remaining soil and water it abundantly. If the ground sank, pour more land.

Step 8

We mulch the hole with peat, humus or a mixture of garden soil and peat (1: 1). This will protect the soil from drying out and create favorable conditions for rooting the seedling.

At first, peonies need to be watered every day so that they will take root faster. The rest of the care is the same as in the autumn planting. And although it is believed that the "spring" peonies may lag a little behind the planted in September, but with timely watering, dressing and weeding, you can grow gorgeous and healthy bushes.

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