Top 40 errors in the cultivation of tomatoes: a rake, which are almost all

What mistakes when growing tomatoes in the greenhouse and the open field you would never repeat? The editors of asked gardeners with experience in groups on VKontakte and Facebook to answer this important question.

And this is what experts advise, and how experienced tomato growers repent, our readers and forum users - do not repeat the mistakes of others!

Pro varieties of tomatoes

1. The choice of variety for the area is very important. Years of experience prove that only early undersized varieties are suitable for our region.

2. I will not plant more bushes of untested variety, bought under the impression of a beautiful picture and description. For the experiment, you can bush two. And for the harvest - only reliable varieties of their seeds.

3. I will not plant unknown varieties. In general, I will try to go to my seeds.

4. You can not plant one variety. It is imperative to plant several different ones in order to be guaranteed with the harvest, because there are unfavorable conditions for one, but favorable for another variety.

5. Planting untested varieties in large quantities - this is a mistake. In the southern regions it may not be scary, but in the Urals it is not worth experimenting.

Tomato seeds and seedlings

6. I will no longer buy tomato seedlings on the market. It is better to grow yourself!

7. I will not sow more seedlings than I need!

8. I will not plant seeds for seedlings at the end of January - seedlings are only tormented! The optimal time for sowing was determined from February 25 to March 15.

9. This year I made two mistakes at the very beginning: I bought cheap land for a sale, in which nothing wanted to grow, I had to transplant all the seedlings. And after the transplant, I guessed to feed with some kind of seedling medicine. As a result, the seedlings were planted in a greenhouse at the end of May (the weather was cold in Siberia) seedlings 5–7 cm high, having already given up the idea of ​​growing something. But no, my plants caught up with the neighbors' well-groomed ones and delight them with an abundance of fruits, although it is still green, however, like most people in our region. But there is a lesson for the future: it is impossible to save money on the ground, it all begins with seeds and ... Well, don't be in a hurry with dressings.

10. I will never grow tomato seedlings, knowing that I will leave them for more than a week, when there is nobody to water.

11. Do not forget when growing seedlings any soil "fry" in the oven! Sure to! Got this year strongly.

12. I will always process the seeds before sowing.

13. I will not soak the seeds before sowing, because it is very difficult to sow wet seeds - one torment.

14. I will no longer nurse stunted seedlings, fussing more than sense.

Pro fertilizer and tomato processing

15. Topping of tomatoes with nitrogen fertilizers in the initial stage of the growing season, before the appearance of the first ovary is a serious mistake! But at first I was even glad that I had such lush green bushes growing better than their neighbors. Here are the fruits, they were not in a hurry to tie. And only then from the Internet I learned about fattening and began to take emergency measures. Saved. But still, there were only 2-3 tomatoes on a few bushes.

16. I will never be afraid of simple chemical compounds, because it is impossible to grow a sane crop in Moscow Region without treatments and fertilizers.

17. My mistake was from the love of tomatoes and, of course, through ignorance. I laid a "tasty" bed for them, there was everything - last year's grass, dung, humus, good land ... As a result - huge thickets, powerful trunks, giant leaves and tiny fruits.

18. I will not wait until the tomatoes start to hurt. I will be doing prophylaxis in time.

19. I will not forget more time to spray the bushes in the greenhouse with boric acid and ovary.

20. Now I will always carry out prevention of phytophthora and will never thicken the landing.

21. I will not pour more tomatoes.

22. Rare watering in the heat led to the formation of top rot. This is the sad result ...

23. I will never grow hybrids in an ordinary greenhouse without drip irrigation and heating.

Common questions about growing tomatoes

24. I will not plant more than 200 tomatoes. All that is above remains uncleaned.

25. Do not plant a lot of bushes! A big harvest is not the number of planted plants, but the weight and number of fruits obtained from each bush!

26. I will no longer plant tomatoes very often. It is difficult to care for them.

27. Error that I repeat from year to year - thickening landing.

28. For the third year I grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. Last year, she hurried to land - the first hands broke with frosts, and then they were ill for a long time.

29. I have my own mistakes and nuances in each locality; I would not grow tomatoes without shelter in my “swamp”.

30. Never garden in the "swamp"! A lot of effort.

31. I will hang a castle on a greenhouse, in the spring they have stolen a lot of seedlings, “thinned” the plantings for me, apparently, so that it is not thick. And I'm confused in varieties, because I didn’t make a scheme with names in my notebook, but now I don’t understand where is what grade.

32. Error - leave the process of garter for later. "Then" there are already such thickets that you do not know what to tie up! I plant low-growing bushes, and they turn out very thick and impassable.

33. I will no longer plant tomatoes in my plot at all - a little river flows nearby and during the rainy season it spreads so that it blows all my labor. Everything, I do not plant any more and do not cry after showers ...

34. And this year I immediately removed a lot of leaves and as a result a lot of ovary disappeared. Last year, almost did not delete - and everything was fine.

35. I will not buy high bushes. Exceptionally low. The harvest is the same, but everything is neat and space saving again.

36. My main mistake is to plant tall tomatoes in open ground. Too long grow, it is difficult to bring the bushes in the divine form. All the supports fall, they constantly lack height.

37. It is imperative to strictly control the steppe varieties. You can grow and high, but you need to control the bushes.

38. It was foolish to plant indeterminants two in one well. Usually I keep each bush in one stem, but with indies it is a nightmare - you will not follow the stepsons, real jungle grow, especially in a narrow greenhouse. And with ordinary tomatoes, this number is on my "hurray!" passes

39. Next year I will try not to lose records with the names of varieties, and I will not leave tomatoes for a week unattended after planting - they were burnt from the sun in the greenhouse! As a result, we had to throw out a part and put a second wave in their place, which was later sown for the experiment in the garden.

40. I will keep the marks on the bushes until the tomatoes ripen to select the best varieties.

Well, do you agree with the above? Or maybe you in the past have your own mistakes from which you can save inexperienced gardeners? Share necessarily in the comments.

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