Tomatoes for open ground - an experienced tomato grower talks about his favorite varieties

Many gardeners complain that without a decent shelter at their summer cottage, it is unlikely to grow a good crop of tomatoes, and go and build a full-fledged greenhouse yourself. However, in the open field with proper care and proper selection of varieties is quite possible to grow wonderful tomatoes.

An experienced tomato grower and tomato collector from Belarus (Beshenkovichi) will introduce you to his “favorites” from the category of tomatoes for OG today.

Nadezhda Kuts has been growing tomatoes for more than 30 years, and her collection includes about 400 varieties. And the bushes grow and perfectly bear fruit not only in the greenhouse, but also in the open field. Nadezhda Ivanovna is sure that with good care even the most capricious varieties give an excellent harvest.

More than 250 varieties of my tomato collection grow and perfectly bear fruit in the open field in the north of Belarus. These are tall zakatochny, cherry and cocktail, and stunted, and even large-fruited tall and medium grown varieties that did not have enough space in the greenhouses. Showing your own photos and telling.

Tomato, requiring minimal care, can be called one of my favorite varieties for open ground - Alenka. The bush is compact, standard, does not require staging, but it is necessary to tie it up, because falls under the weight of its own fruits. Tomatoes are red, round, weighing up to 100 g, juicy, sweet. Ripens one of the first.

Interesting multi-acid and high-yielding variety American long (in the photo he is on the left) gives red, fleshy, pepper-like fruits up to 20 cm long and weighing 150-250 g.

But Vedernitsa (in the photo on the right) is a great choice for canning. This is a tall early variety. Tomatoes are round, with a small nose, bright red, weighing 100 g, aligned, ripen on the hands at the same time, do not crumble.

Fruits of the variety Anna Herman (in the photo he is on the left) look very exotic - in shape and color tomatoes resemble lemons. On the lower hands tied up to 40 fruits of 50-60 g each.

High-yielding variety with bush height up to 1 m - Banana feet (pictured right). Fruits - yellow "icicles" with light strokes and a pointed tip, weighing 60-80 g.

For several years in a row I grow a very productive variety. Hybrid number 2 Tarasenko. Tall, multiple (brushes for 30-40 fruits!). Fruits are red, rounded, with a spout, 60-80 g, complex brush. Tomatoes of this variety are good for canning, lezhky.

And now about my undersized tomatoes. They do not require special care, and under the observance of agrotechnics they have time to give a good harvest before the cold weather.

The earliest large-fruited is a variety Early love (in the photo he is on the left). Plant height 80 cm, sheet of potato type. Fruits are flat-round, pink, up to 250 g, sweet, tasty with grainy flesh.

Early and friendly ripening is different and short (60-70 cm) grade Ephemer (pictured right). Its fruits are red, round, 60-80 g each, with excellent taste, grow with brushes of 6-10 pieces.

The early low-growing variety will please with a big harvest Darenka (in the photo he is on the left). Fruits - red cream the size of a chicken egg (up to 100 g). One of the best varieties for canning.

For regions with a short summer, an early and unpretentious variety is suitable. Lazy girl (pictured right). Plant height 60 cm, fruits - red hearts up to 300 g, fleshy, tasty.

Another great early ripe undersized variety Sweetheart gives an excellent harvest of smooth, round, red tomatoes weighing up to 150 g, tasty, with sweetness. Fruits are well tied under adverse weather conditions and cold snaps.

And what are your favorite varieties of tomatoes for open field, which are well proven?

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