Secrets of planting onions in the garden

There are several ways to grow onions. It can be obtained from seed, from onion seedlings, seedlings. Learn how to grow onions in the garden.

Onions are grown in one-, two- and three-year culture. From seed or rassadnym method get a commodity bulb in one year. With a two-year crop in the first year, small onion seedlings are obtained from seeds, and in the second year, commercial onions are grown from the seed plant. Rarely, but practicing a three-year culture, when in the third year they use samples (underdeveloped bulbs) to get a large turnip.

Seed Onions

Grow seed onions - quite a difficult task. Since the seeds (chernushka) have a dense shell, they must first be soaked or stratified. Before sowing chernushku, you should choose a suitable, well-lit place on the site. It is best to have the soil neutral (pH 6.5-7), well drained, fertilized. Before planting, it is necessary to dig it to the depth of the spade bayonet.

After the plants have two true leaves, they are thinned, leaving the seedlings at a distance of 2-4 cm from each other. The next thinning is carried out when there are already 4-5 leaflets. Plants are left at a distance of 4-6 cm.

Further care is loosening the soil, watering the plants and weeding. In addition, onions require dressings. To do this, use mineral fertilizers. In the first half of the growing season - nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium, and in the second half - phosphorus-potassium.

Onion is an extremely useful vegetable for our health.

At the end of August, before the beginning of the intensive rainy period, onion sets should be removed. Bulbs dig in and then left on the garden before they have dried leaves. After the leaves are removed, the onion sets are sorted, dried and sent to vegetable nets. Place for sevka need choose dry and well-ventilated, to bow not moldy.

Bow Sevka

In spring, when the soil warms up well, you can plant onions on the seed beds to get onions for the season. It is important to plant onions at the optimum time: if the soil is not warmed up well, it will go to the arrow, but if you are late with planting, the bulb will develop slowly. Sevok recommend planted under the scheme of 20 cm between the rows and 10 cm between the bulbs.

When planting onion sets, observe the necessary distance between the bulbs.

Close the bulbs to a depth of 3-4 cm. Consumption of planting material is 60-80 g per 1 sq. M. If you grow onion sets on greens, then cut the dry necks of the onion before planting, and if the onions are grown, then the dry necks are not cut.

Planting onions for feathers and turnips is a little different.

Onions are harvested in August-September after lodging and yellowing of the leaves. It is important not to miss the harvest time, because after 10 days the onion resumes its growth and is not suitable for storage.

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