Continue seeding and planting

Sow carrots

In late May, it is allowed to sow carrots, the crop of which you plan to harvest for the winter. Before sowing, seeds are soaked for a day in warm water. Granulated seeds do not need additional preparation for sowing.

Sow heat-loving greens

It is time to allocate a place for all sorts of “southern” greenery in the garden: basil, thyme, tarragon, rosemary, various types of lettuce. If you are worried that the air is not warm enough, cover the seedlings with spunbond for the night. And you can do even easier - sow greens in containers that can be easily carried into the room for the time of frost.

Plant late potatoes

Do not forget to loosen and water the beds with early potatoes, begin to prepare for planting the tubers of medium late and late varieties. Do not forget that only germinated potatoes are planted in the ground.

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