5 care mistakes that ruin your lawn

Do you want lawn grass to be juicy, green and neat all season? Do not make these mistakes!

It would seem, what difficulties can be with a lawn? This is not a strawberry that needs regular weeding, not potatoes that need to be saved from the invasion of the Colorado beetles, and not a rose that needs to be tied up and fed. Know yourself, cut the grass as needed!

But things are not so simple. To keep the green carpet on your site gaze throughout the summer, avoid these common care mistakes.

1. You do not mow the lawn at the beginning of the season

It makes no sense to regret young grass and pull with the first mowing, until it starts to spit. On the contrary, it is obligatory to cut a "young" lawn! Mowing increases tillering of grass and increases its resistance to drought, drenching and freezing.

To begin with, the lawn needs to accumulate abundant green mass as close as possible to the soil. Then, when mowing, the plants still have a lot of leaves in the surface part.

Haircut is useful for young grass.

2. You mow the grass too low

Of course, you shouldn't be zealous with mowing too. If you mow too low, leaving only a small “hedgehog” 1-2 cm high from the ground above the ground, you are thereby destroying the grass root system. Plants will suffer from a lack of nutrients and moisture.

Left - an example of a lawn cut too short

Large-sized herbs like meadow fescue, pasture ryegrass, awning brome, meadow bluegrass can completely degenerate due to overly aggressive cutting.

3. You are not mowing the grass

And in this matter it is better not to go to extremes. Overgrowing grass is also undesirable. In tall plants, as a result of insufficient mowing, the lower part of the stem is exposed. After such a haircut, the lawn loses its bright color and becomes nondescript and whitish.

It is best to mow lawn grass at a height of 3-5 cm from the soil surface. It is suitable for low stemming herbs (red fescue, bentlets), and for large plants.

Too high lawn example

The exceptions are pasture ryegrass and meadow fescue. They are best mowed to a height of 5-6 cm.

4. You do not comply with the cutting mode.

It is very important to mow the grass regularly, preferably once in 10-14 days. After that, it must be watered. Park lawns mow less often than parterny - only 8 times per season.

However, take into account the rate of growth of grass, which depends on soil fertility, weather and watering. The last time you have to take the mower in late September - early October.

It is impossible to leave high herbage before winter. During the alternation of frosts and thaws, the lawn will begin to swell.

5. You water the lawn incorrectly.

Do not forget to regularly "water" your lawn. The grass from this will become bright green, juicy and will thrive well. For a good appearance of the lawn, it is necessary to carry out light sprinkling every two days, and 1-2 times a week to water the grass. With abundant watering, the soil should be saturated with water 15-20 cm deep.

Daily moistening in small portions is only useful for newly sown lawn. For adults it only hurts - the roots develop close to the soil surface, as a result of which the grass dries quickly and loses leaves.

In hot and dry weather, the lawn needs more frequent watering. The best time for this procedure is early morning or late evening so that the grass does not get sunburn.

And what are the secrets of lawn care you use?


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