How to get rid of garden and garden pests quickly and permanently?

With the onset of the summer season, an important stage begins in the fight against dangerous pests that can nullify attempts to get a good harvest. You can try to cope with this task yourself, but today more effective methods are available.

The first step is to treat the area from ticks, moles, wasps, beetles, shrews. But is it worth turning the dacha into a platform for conducting "hostilities" with the help of insecticides and folk remedies, if you can easily turn the situation in your favor? It is only necessary to invite the specialists of the company "Eco-Processing" to perform the work.


What pests to fight?

The beginning of work traditionally falls on the end of April - the beginning of May, when the bulk of garden pests begin to show activity. One of the first activated beetles that can turn fruit trees and shrubs into useless deadwood.

Destruction of the bark beetle using drugs sold in stores does not bring the desired results. After all, the main source of danger is the larva of the beetle, making its moves directly in the thickness of the tree trunk, under the bark.

The destruction of moles at the site also requires a lot of time and effort, and the result is, at best, a pair of captured individuals and the emergence of a branched mole in the garden several hundred meters long by autumn. To avoid such problems, it is better from the very beginning to resort to the help of professionals who are ready to carry out the processing of land allotments in the territory of Moscow and the Moscow Region.

Benefits of applying to professionals

Why professional treatment of the site from ticks, mosquitoes, other insects and rodents - a more profitable solution? Consider the most obvious advantages:

  • financial benefit - the damage from the pest invasion into the garden and the garden can amount to more than one thousand rubles, and huge funds will be spent on fighting them for the season, professionals will cope with the problem in one visit;
  • high efficiency - the destruction of the bark beetle, ants or aphids at the site can last for months, the insects will only change their habitat, and after the use of professional chemicals, even the larvae will not survive
  • prolonged action - it is enough to call pest control and disinfectors at the beginning and in the middle of the summer season, and you can relax in the country even with small children;
  • rapid response - Experts will arrive on call at a convenient time and provide quick disposal of pests.

How to get rid of rodents?

Not only insects can spoil the holiday cottage. Invasion of rodents (be it moles, shrews, mice or rats) not only poses a danger to crops, but also entails a serious sanitary and epidemiological threat. You should not independently undertake the manufacture of poisonous baits or pest capture. It is better to immediately call the specialists for whom the destruction of moles on the site is not difficult, and the fight against rats will be common and not too burdensome.

Employees of "Eco-Processing" advise: If it is found on the territory of the dacha or backyard possession of mole animals, mouse holes, rat passages, pest control should not be postponed. Sparing methods of influence used by professionals (from baits and traps to gassing holes) will allow you to quickly and effectively cope with the problem in the shortest possible time and will not harm the ecosystem of the site.

Do I need to fight insects with radical methods?

It would seem, why do we need tillage treatment of the site, if this area is located away from the forest? But in most cases, the threat lies in the grass. And if we take into account the unfavorable situation with tick-borne encephalitis and borreliosis in the territory of the Moscow region, the precautions taken will definitely not be in vain.

Insecticidal treatment will be useful not only in the fight against ticks. Mosquitoes and flies, wasps and ants are capable of delivering a lot of trouble while resting in the country. And in time, without destroying the bark beetle, after a while you risk getting damaged walls and furniture in the house, as well as dead trees in the garden. So is it worth saving on the call of specialists, if you can secure the territory at the beginning of the summer season?

When is time to call for the help of professionals?

If you have not destroyed the moles in the area in the fall, you should start fighting with them at the first signs of the appearance of rodents in the beds in the spring. These garden pests feel at ease and in just one season they make a real catastrophe on the beds with plantings.

The fight against flying insects is usually carried out after flowering plants. This will avoid problems with the formation of ovaries and pollination. But it is better to start defending against crawling pests at the very beginning of the summer season, otherwise their voracious army will not leave any chances to your crop.

If you want to completely protect your site from pests - do not wait! Just call Eco-Handling. We guarantee high quality and quite reasonable prices.

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