Original garden furniture

Now in the country begins the active season of preparing the beds, greenhouses, planting, planting. Working in the garden and in the garden, you can not do without the garden tools, in particular, without the forks. The table will also be very useful - it is convenient to relax after it after work.

Designer Natalie Sampson from the UK has come up with furniture for the Garden Fork Table. This is a table and a pitchfork - two in one.

Using the most authentic garden pitchfork as a base, Nathalie Sampson attached a tabletop made of wood waste that had accumulated in her backyard.

The table top can be folded for compactness, and then it is convenient to store the fork table in a closet or transport it from place to place. And when the time comes for a barbecue or picnic, it can be expanded, sticking the device with sharp wedges into the ground - and the Garden Fork Table, a small table for drinks or snacks, is ready.

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