Baden-Württemberg. Part 3. Water area of ​​Lake Constance

One of the lakes in the south of Germany is called the Constance. It consists of upper and lower lakes, and between them flows the river Rhine. There are two lines in the lake: Mainau with Reichenau and the Lindau peninsula connected to the mainland by a multi-purpose bridge.

In the waters of Lake Constance, located on the border of Switzerland, Austria and Germany, there is a special climate. There is almost never snow. Rare, but strong frosts only for several days constrain the coastal surface of water with a thin crust of ice. Then warm comes again.

Most of the embankments in large cities located on the coast of the lake are paved with stone blocks or asphalted. But the stone does not interfere with professional gardeners who have been engaged in landscaping marinas and coastal tourist recreation areas for several centuries.

Cafe on the beach

In the old flower houses of stone on the shore every spring the most ordinary flowers of bright colors are planted. Huge tubs with palm, lemon and banana trees, with magnolia and oleander bushes, roll out of city greenhouses on special carts. Climbing plants of different breeds or ordinary flowers of beautiful shades are perfectly combined with plant trunks.

Barrels of exotic plants are arranged according to a special scheme in places of large concentrations of people. Travelers love to pose in front of camera lenses, taking snapshots on the background of huge lemons, spreading palm trees and blooming magnolias.

Exotic Flower Containers

Palm Trees

Pier of Lake Constance

Climbing the ladder to the pleasure craft, the tourists set off on a sightseeing tour of the coastal cities and on the island of Mainau flowers.

Pleasure craft

The relief of the coastal strip of Lake Constance is diverse. The flat terrain is interrupted by hills, on the slopes of which are planted mainly many kilometers of vineyard plantations. Looking at the steep bank from the water, it seems that a small shrub grows on it, and the tops of the hills are decorated with palaces and castles with magnificent architecture.

Lake Constance


Lake Constance Castles

Embankments in some localities are planted with dwarf lindens. Under their crowns are located coastal cafeterias and restaurants where you can not only have a hearty meal, enjoy the aromas of coffee and wines of different varieties after a long voyage, but even dance to the sounds of incendiary tango or waltzes performed by street musicians-amateurs.

Cafe and restaurants on the waterfront

In the open-air eateries you can hear Italian, Chinese, English, French, German, Polish, and Russian speech. Gulls, pigeons and sparrows often flock here. Birds are not afraid of people at all. On the shores of Lake Constance is not taken to drive the birds. Tourists often feed them bread crumbs from their palms.

In the harbor of the island, pleasure boats, motorboats and bright yachts moor under snow-white sails moor. It is never deserted here, because on a small piece of land there is an amazing botanical garden, where more than 1200 species of various flowers are gathered.

Island of Mainau

In mid-summer, it starts to feel dizzy from the intoxicating aroma of red, white and tea roses growing along long avenues that adorn green lawns and framing ponds.

Pavilion with tropical vegetation

Island of flowers


The main attraction of Mainau is a huge pavilion with tropical vegetation, inhabited by hundreds of wonderful butterflies. Some of them fly away through the wide-open windows into the garden, and before darkness flutter there over the plantations of the brightest flowers of various breeds.

Island flowers

Composition on the island of Mainau

Exotic Flowers

Lake Constance- a unique and unusual place, which, by virtue of its location, forms in the adjacent territories a unique microclimate. Not surprisingly, thousands of tourists flock here every year. Try and you, if possible, to visit this magical land.