Planting blueberry seedlings - doing the right thing

If you choose the right plot and prepare the soil for the seedling - consider a good harvest of juicy berries provided. After all, a competent blueberry planting is half the success.

Garden blueberries are considered to be of low plant composition, but they do not tolerate stagnant water, and in sandy soil they may suffer from a lack of moisture. But not only these factors need to be considered when planting this plant.

Choosing a site for blueberries

The most suitable place for growing blueberries is the area where cultivated plants have not been cultivated. If you plant seedlings in the previously used land, the blueberry bush will develop poorly and may die.

It is also not recommended to plant blueberries in the lowlands, as there the plant will suffer from stagnant water. Excessive moisture causes damage and rotting of the roots. For the same reason, areas with heavy clay soils are not suitable for growing blueberries.

In addition, you need to consider that the blueberry loves the light, so the plot should be sunny. Seedlings can be planted in the penumbra, but in this case, the berries will grow small and sour. In addition, in the shaded places blueberry shoots develop more slowly and often do not have time to woody by winter. Therefore, during frosts, they risk frostbite.

It is better to plant blueberries in well-lit areas where the sun is a frequent guest

What soil is needed for garden blueberries?

All kinds of blueberries like light acidic soils. This plant grows well on peatlands, sands and sandy substrates with rotten hardwood bedding - it improves the water regime and increases the fertility of the earth. To prepare such a substrate, you should mix up high-moor peat (it is of red color), foliage, sand, bark and sawdust of coniferous species and bring the acidity to 3.5-4.5 pH (you will read below on how this is done).

If you plant several bushes of blueberry, they are best placed in rows in the direction from north to south. At the same time, the distance between plants should be such that each bush has a piece of land with an area of ​​about 2 square meters.

Usually the distance between the rows is from 1.5 to 3 m. And the distance between the bushes depends on the varietal characteristics of the plants.

Prepare planting pit, depending on the type of soil

2-3 weeks before planting the seedling, prepare a pit. It is usually made round with sheer walls.

For light loam with a groundwater depth of more than 2 m, the landing pit should be at least 60 cm in diameter and 40 cm deep. heavy loam the landing pit is made wider and shallower (about 20 cm), since water will stagnate in a deep hole with an excess of moisture.

On heavy clay soil Blueberry seedlings are best planted in the ridges: they dig a hole about 10 cm deep, pour a hill of sand, peat and sawdust into it, plant a bush in the center so that the root system is at ground level. Then the seedling is mulched with a layer of sawdust 10-15 cm thick.

On sandy and peaty soils dig a hole about 1 m wide and 0.5 m deep. Pour in a prepared and carefully mixed acidic substrate (high-moor peat or a mixture of peat, sawdust, needles and sand) with the addition of 50 g of sulfur.

If there is a solid layer in the sandy soil at a depth of 0.5-0.7 m, you need to make a drainage channel or channel for the withdrawal of water.

When preparing the soil, do not forget to bring the level of its acidity to 3.5-4.5 pH. To do this, use sulfur, dilute sulfuric acid or solutions of other acids. For example, you can dissolve 1 tsp. citric or oxalic acid in 3 liters of water. Or 100 ml of 9% acetic acid diluted in 10 liters of water.

Planting Blueberries

It is best to plant two-year seedlings with a closed root system. The advantage of such plants is that they, unlike ordinary seedlings, can be planted throughout the season.

Quality blueberry seedlings are sold in plastic containers. With regular watering, the plant can be in such a capacity for several months.


Before planting, carefully remove the plant from the container and straighten the roots, trying not to damage them. Plant a seedling in a prepared pit 5-6 cm deeper than he grew in a pot. At the same time, slightly shake it and compact the soil with your hands so that it fits well to the roots. After that, make a hole around the bush and pour it. Then gurgle well with 6-8 cm of sawdust.

Blueberry seedling planting scheme

If the seedling does not get well from the container, the container with the plant should be immersed in water for 10-15 minutes. Roots that are tightly woven around the ground, and especially growing inward, should be flattened out in a horizontal direction.

If you want to grow a large blueberry plantation, it is not necessary to buy ready-made seedlings. The plant can be propagated by lignified cuttings. How to do it right, read our article.

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