How to choose a solar roof installation and do not overpay

If you do not know how to choose a solar battery, then it is best to contact an expert. But so that you have something to talk about during the purchase process, you should study the characteristics of the proposed equipment. Our article will help with this.

Recently, in Russia and the world, solar rooftops are gaining popularity, which provide environmentally friendly and safe electricity generation. Solar technologies are becoming more efficient, and the cost of such energy equipment is annually reduced, which makes solar energy accessible to everyone. On how to choose the right equipment, operating at the expense of solar energy, told the specialists of Hevel.

Choosing a solar installation is a responsible business, which you need to approach with all seriousness. To do this, follow a few steps recommendations.

1. It is necessary to assess the total need for electricity at home. On average, the installation of "turnkey" solar equipment with a capacity of 1 kW will cost 120 thousand Russian rubles. More powerful equipment will be cheaper and will pay off faster. With the current cost of electricity, the recoupment of a roof installation of 3-5 kW in the Moscow region will be 10-13 years, and in more sunny regions this will happen even faster. You can calculate the required power by contacting experts or independently - it is enough to sum up the power of all electrical appliances used in the house and add 10-15% of the reserve power to protect against voltage surges.

Often, the free area of ​​the roof does not allow equipping the solar installation with the necessary power. Free roofs of the bathhouse, a shed and a garage are perfect as additional space. And remember, even a small solar power system at home is a big step towards increasing energy efficiency!

Today in the Kaliningrad region and in Zelenograd (Moscow) there are already examples when the owners, who installed solar modules on the roofs of their houses, not only significantly save on electricity, but also sell its surplus to energy sales companies.

2. The next step is choice of manufacturer of solar modules. Here two factors play a key role - cost and effectiveness. Now the market offers many options, both Russian and foreign manufacturers (mainly Chinese and German). Domestic modules are the most popular - they have higher quality and service life, products are certified, they are always in stock and available as soon as possible, including for warranty replacement. Although it is worth noting that the line of Chinese modules are more diverse in parameters and competitive in price.

Pay attention to the new technology - heterostructural solar modules. Their efficiency reaches 20.5% - this is the most efficient technology on the market of solar power plants. Already in the summer of 2017 it will be possible to purchase Russian-made heterostructural solar modules.

3. Do not forget about the additional equipment. - modern rechargeable batteries (batteries) will allow for around-the-clock use of electricity generated by solar modules during daylight hours, and properly selected electrical equipment in the solar power system will make this process as efficient as possible.

4. After selecting the manufacturer should proceed with the design and installation of the system - competent placement will allow to use it with the best indicators. When designing, specialists take into account the orientation of the roof of the house on the cardinal points and the angle of its slope, the length of daylight hours and the level of insolation. Optimal equipment is selected - inverters, controllers and batteries, based on the needs of the house for electricity and the material capabilities of the client.

Different systems have their own characteristics, so it is better to entrust the selection of components, design and installation of the system to specialists in the field of solar energy.

The more data you can collect about your home, the more effective a solution a specialist can offer. The design takes into account the following indicators: power or a list of installed equipment, data from bills or meters of electricity consumption, dimensions and orientation of the roof, frequency and intensity of interruptions in the network.

5. After connecting the solar roof installation Do not forget to follow a few simple rules for caring for her.. This will allow you to maintain the maximum productivity of the system and enjoy its benefits longer than usual:

  • watch the surface of the modules - snow and dirt stuck to the glass, reduce the working quality of the installation. It happens extremely rarely, and you can clean the solar module yourself - it’s no more difficult than washing the windows, although it is better not to use chemical means - simple water can cope with cleaning the surface;
  • the system itself monitors the operability of each cell of the module and gives a signal if one or several modules have failed. In this case, during the warranty period (as a rule, it is 5 years) it will be replaced or repaired free of charge;
  • Once a year it is recommended to maintain the remaining equipment - batteries, inverters and networks. It's easy, experts will tell in detail how to do it and what you need to pay attention to. The main points are reflected in the instruction manual.

6. Properly selected and customized solar power system does not require human intervention. and provides:

  • high reliability and quality of power supply at home;
  • protection against network interruptions;
  • zero electricity bills;
  • clean energy;
  • uninterrupted service for at least 20 years of guaranteed work.

Solar panels are constantly updated, their coverage is improved and energy intensity increases. They will provide your home with electricity for many years. The use of renewable energy sources has a great future, and our task is to bring it into your home as soon as possible!

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