7 solutions for compact storage of garden tools

Usually, summer inventory is simply stored in a shed or basement. To achieve order with this method of storage is difficult, and quickly find the right thing is not easy. Is it time to arrange cleaning in their possessions? We will show some valuable ideas.

Often, a country house shed or basement is a real secret room, the contents of which are almost unknown even to its owner. What is there just not: garden tools, appliances, old furniture, a set of summer or winter tires, spare parts for cars, building materials, power tools, etc. To find something, it is necessary to carry out the real excavations. Therefore, to help summer residents, special techniques were invented and systems for storing inventory were developed.

1. Wall mount system

One of the most efficient storage options for gardening tools and tools, bicycles, rubber, sleds, fishing rods, etc. The system is a multi-tier shelf with many shelves and fixings. The rack is made of durable plastic, aluminum profile or other metal. It can be installed in the garage, basement, hozblok, barn, on the veranda or in the pantry. All components are interchangeable, besides the wall can be transformed. Its length, height and character of fastenings are easily changed, which allows you to customize them to the dimensions of various objects. The most durable wall mount systems are aluminum, they can withstand loads of up to 300 kg per meter.

2. Garden toilet ... for tools

If there is not much space on your site, and a large shed will take a considerable part of fertile land out of circulation, you can build or purchase a small, “individual” room for inventory. This role is quite suitable ordinary cottage toilet. Considering that most of the garden tools are long rakes, shovels, hoes, choppers, etc., it’s best to keep them in a high room, not in a long one. Such a cabin can be slightly modified and, depending on the number of available tools, nail several hooks on the door, hang shelves or install a vertical rack. Under the same goals can be adapted and a small pantry.

3. Neat storage lockers

The scruffy appearance of the place for the storage of tools is attached not to their number, but to the fact that they are scattered at random. This can be solved by installing wardrobes with sliding doors or even halves. You can not imagine how many different devices, small things and large inventory can be stored there! An important advantage: cabinets on wheels, rather than on a static support, so their configuration and location can be changed. Of course, the internal placement of objects, the height of the shelves, the presence of hooks and other details can also be selected "by itself", creating a unique "interface" for storing tools. There are shelves for both large and small premises.

4. Baskets for small items

A very convenient and functional storage for tools, parts, gloves, twines or, for example, nails can be built from metal or wooden boxes and baskets. The boxes made of a single piece of metal are especially convenient. Nothing is poured out of them, and in order not to get confused about where it lies, explanatory labels are put on the boxes. Mesh baskets are a little less reliable in this respect (the main thing is not to put something small in it), but they do have additional “ventilation”. A convenient bag or box is suitable for storing small items. Remember that any container must be washed, cleaned and disinfected, as well as the instrument stored there.

5. Metal shields for tool storage (pegboard)

A real find for lovers of strict style from the category of "that everything was at hand" are metal sheets with fine perforations. It turns out double saving - and the tool is visible, and the workbench or desktop is always free. And in this "wall perfectionism" there are advantages for forgetful or very generous owners. When the whole tool is in place, you immediately see what is missing, and you can either bring the forgotten tool from the garden, or remind your neighbor to return the borrowed drill. Metal shields are equipped with numerous holes into which fasteners can be inserted for different tools. Such a system is suitable for both small and large rooms.

6. Garage for lawn mower (motoblock)

"Heavy dacha artillery" like walking tractors, lawn mowers or mini tractors requires a lot of storage space. The entrance to a shed, a cellar or a house, made by such a unit, is an annoying inconvenience that, at first glance, is difficult to get rid of. However, you can get by with a very simple and obvious solution - build a separate small garage for home appliances. To do it better in a place that is not used for other needs: near the toilet, in the shade, from the back of the house, etc. You'd be surprised, but if the dimensions coincide, even a dog house can act as a mini-garage. It will only be a little to retool the "entrance".

7. Hermetic storage tanks for substances

Not only tools and equipment are stored at the dacha, but also construction mixes, varnishes, paints, materials and reagents. Add fertilizers, sprayers, insecticides and other compounds to them. Breathing the "aroma" of many of these substances is undesirable and sometimes harmful to humans. Therefore, they should be stored in airtight containers, preferably tight-fitting containers. The "golden rule" operates here: "The more toxic the drug, the higher it should stand on the rack." And of course, do not forget to always carefully study the storage conditions indicated on the labels of building mixtures, garden preparations and other substances. Some of them do not tolerate negative temperatures, others - excessive humidity. All sorts of mixtures should be kept in the original packaging or reliable and sealed containers. However, it is also better to keep tools and parts in special suitcases or organizers.

As you can see, there are quite a few options for storing garden tools. It is necessary to show a little imagination, and instead of a chaotic warehouse of old things, you will have a beautiful and well-kept space in which everything is laid out in places.

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