Autumn care for strawberries

In order to get a good harvest of strawberries (garden strawberries) next season, you need to take care of this in the fall of the current year. What exactly should be done?

Many gardeners know that autumnal strawberry care includes cleaning weeds, dry and diseased parts of the plant, trimming the whiskers, feeding the plant. Let's look at each item in more detail.

Autumn harvesting strawberry beds

After the strawberries have completed their fruiting, carefully examine the bushes. Cut and burn all dried and diseased leaves, dead, blackened and pest-prone parts of the plant. Also weed the weeds.

Elimination of diseases and pests

Determine the type of pest and diseases of strawberries and treat the plants with appropriate means. It is important that neither pests nor hidden diseases remain with strawberries for the winter. Unfortunately, there is not a single drug that spider mite from your strawberries and will not allow the spread of powdery mildew. But you can use prophylactic agents for diseases and pests.

The recipe of folk remedies for the protection of strawberries

In the autumn, it's time to make a decoction of Tomato Tomatoes. Take about 1 kg of tomatoes tops and fill it with 10 liters of hot water (50 ° C), soak for about 3 hours, then boil for two hours, strain and cool.

Add grated laundry soap (1/2 piece), mix everything thoroughly, dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 2. Then spill the strawberries with the obtained product so that it lingers on the leaves of the plant.

Broth from tops of tomatoes deters insect pests

Pruning strawberry whiskers in the fall

Whiskers do not need to be cut if you are not going to propagate the berry plantation. In another case, the shoots should be removed, otherwise it will pull over the additional forces of the plants, which are very important during the wintering season.

Carry out the procedure should be in the morning or in the evening when the weather is warm and dry. In no case do not tear off the strawberry mustache: you can easily damage the whole bush. Better use garden shears. Do not cut the whiskers too short. Their length should be 8-10 cm.

Strawberry patch update

If strawberry leaves have acquired a maroon color, this is a sure sign that the plant has exhausted its reproductive resources - it's time you change or update the bushes. This is best done in the fall: the young bushes planted at this time will give harvest the following summer.

Strawberries need to be renewed and transplanted every 4-5 years.

In order to get young shoots from existing plants, in July-August, dig in the formed mustaches and wait for them to take root and give leaves. Then tear them away from the mother bush. Young bushes are usually seated in mid-September, on the days of the lunar equinox.

Top dressing of strawberry in the fall

After the above work on the care of the strawberry autumn dig aisle, hill and feed the bushes with fertilizer. You can use manure (2-4 kg per 1 sq. M), chicken manure (1 kg per 10 liters of water) or wood ash (100 g per 1 sq. M). In this case, the manure is applied in such a way that the fertilizer does not touch the leaves of the strawberry: in order to avoid burns on the plant. And the ashes, on the contrary, are sprayed not only under the roots, but also on the leaves.

A complex fertilizer will be suitable as a mineral fertilizer (2 tablespoons nitroammofoski per 10 liters of water).

  • How to feed strawberries after harvesting
    Does a strawberry need additional food after it has been harvested? Yes, and even more than during periods of flowering and fruiting.

Strawberry shelter for the winter

The final stage of autumn care for garden strawberries is warming. 2 days after processing and feeding, cover the bushes with straw, fir branches, or fallen leaves. This will not only save your strawberries from winter frosts, but also serve as an additional source of organic matter.

If you have not got a strawberry plantation yet, plant this sweet berry on your plot. After harvesting the first harvest you will not regret the wasted forces!

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