White-leaved Maple Flamingo

In Australia, the ash-leaved maple is considered a weed: thanks to the winged seeds, it quickly populates the whole area, grows 50 cm in height and width by 50 cm, and is unpretentious and winter-hardy. However, this plant is incredibly attractive.

Among the many varieties of ash maple, the most popular Flamingo, which was launched in 1976 in Holland. The shrub has a spherical crown and by the age of 20 reaches 5 m in height and 3 m in width.

Unique bright outfit

If, during the growing season, to look at the leafy maple Flamingo from afar, it seems that it is densely covered with creamy white and light pink flowers. But, coming closer, you will see that there are no flowers on the plant, and the maple is obliged by its lush outfit to variegated lanceolate leaves (about 10 cm long).

In the spring, they are decorated with a wide pale pink border, which gradually turns white.

If you want to keep this delicate pink shade, in the summer pinch the tops of the shoots. This provokes the growth of young leaves of pink color on the same bright petioles.

By the way, the flamingo variety got its poetic name just for the pink color of young leaves.

In the fall, the shrub again “changes clothes”: the motley leaves turn white-yellow. And on the background of this attractive foliage appear small fruits - dioecious lionfish.

Not only the color of the leaves is unusual, but also their shape. Maple leaves are oval, pointed, with a small dissection along the edges. With the help of long petioles, they are attached to the branch of three pieces.

Maple Alpine Flamingo in landscape design

The shrub looks great in any garden compositions, both as a tapeworm and in group plantings. In addition, the plant is indispensable in hedges, because it lends itself well to shaping and shearing.

          Pink green leaves                     
               Green leaves            
                        White yellow leaves    

  • The light-leaved maple is light-requiring, but it grows best in partial shade, since its leaves can burn out in the bright summer sun. In the deep shade, too, do not plant the plant, otherwise the color of the leaves will be pale.
  • The shrub is undemanding to the soil, but prefers a fertile, loose and fairly moist soil. The plant is able to tolerate drought, however, a brighter color appears with timely watering.
  • For the middle band, the ash-leaved maple is frost-resistant enough, but in the case of a prolonged fall, the young shoots do not have time to ripen to frost, so they can freeze in winter. In this case, in the spring they carry out sanitary pruning.
  • Once every 3-4 years in the summer or autumn it is recommended to cut the shrub on the stump. This will help keep the leaves bright pink.

Watch the video: Acer conspicuum 'Red Flamingo' at Big Plant Nursery in West Sussex, UK (July 2019).