Brush cutter for hedge - manual or automatic?

In order for the hedge to look decent and impressive, you need special tools. Without a good brush cutter is not enough. But which one to choose?

The bushes on the plot must be constantly “combed”, otherwise they will quickly lose their attractive appearance. This is especially true of hedges, where you need to immediately remove a large layer of vegetation. Then the brush cutter comes to the rescue - a universal tool for removing unnecessary branches. It remains only to decide which type of brush cutter is better - manual or mechanical.

Types of brush cutters

Relatively recently, when choosing large garden shears, it was enough to find out if the blades of knives are not blunt and how comfortable the handles are. Now we choose a brush cutter, comparing not only quality, but also functionality, price, efficiency, and in general - the efficiency of the tool. All because the brush cutters are not only manual, but also automatic.
In turn, automatic brush cutters are gasoline and electric.

Petrol hedge trimmers

Motokorez in appearance resembles a chainsaw. The cutting element in it is a knife. The choice of knife length is a personal priority. But the quality of the cut depends on the speed of rotation of the knife: the higher the speed, the cleaner the cut.

Motocorezorez good for doing hard work. This, for example, treatment of thick branches of old shrubs.

Gasoline brush cutter - the tool is mobile, you can work with it in the most inaccessible places at any distance from home. The only thing that is required to ensure its operation is fuel. With the ever-increasing price of gasoline, one can hardly call a motoskorerez a profitable tool. However, the issue of benefits in this context is controversial. But the obvious disadvantages of brush cutters on gasoline can be attributed to its noisy work, during which exhaust gases are also formed.

Electric Brush Cutters

Unlike gasoline, electric brush cutters virtually silent and environmentally friendly. It is also appropriate to focus on their efficiency. Electorus cutters have less weight than gasoline, although in appearance these two types are similar. The length of the knives in them is also about the same - it ranges from 45 to 70 cm.

The only significant drawback electric groovers is their binding to the power grid. If you need to do work at a distance of more than 30 m from the point of electricity, it is unlikely that this can be done with an electrocutter. You can increase the working distance with the help of carriers and extension cords, however, not to infinity. In addition, the conditions of the site will not always allow to do this. However, among electrokutrezov there are devices that work autonomously, on batteries.

Battery Brush Cutters

The cordless type of electric brush cutter is the least powerful among automatic brush cutters. It is not suitable for cutting large branches. Although the maximum length of his knife is quite decent - 60 cm. The minimum length of the knife in such devices is 10 cm. Such a brush cutter is light and safe.

Battery Brush Cutter needs constant battery recharging - and this is perhaps its main drawback. Energy consumption at work is very large. The battery lasts about 30 minutes of work. The way out is in spare batteries.

Choosing an automatic brush cutter, we must first proceed from the individual characteristics of our site, the amount of work, its complexity, the type of plants and the size of the hedge. Along with this, we need a tool that is light and reliable, economical and environmentally friendly, easy to use, but at the same time quite powerful and significantly easier work. It is possible that, comparing all these "for" and "against", in their choice, many will stop at the good old mechanical, manual brush cutter.

Mechanical brush cutter (manual)

Manual brush cutter - It is a secateur with elongated handles and blades of knives. Well, if the handles are not sliding, and the blades are made of strong steel. The scope of such brush cutters is limited by the height of the plants and the thickness of their branches.
It is obvious - the more we use physical strength, working with a scissors cutter, the better the result will be. But fatigue will remind you quickly. But manual brush cutter costs almost nothing compared to its modernized automatic counterparts.

If there is not much work, it is simple, and you are used to doing it slowly, then a manual brush cutter is your choice. But in other cases, manual brush cutter is still useful in your household. Gasoline for motokustorez will end, the electric power needed for electric will be gone - no problem! Mechanical brush cutter is always at hand. To store it does not need a lot of space. It does not need to be serviced. It does not require maintenance costs. Instructions for use is not needed. In addition, as they say, the classics are always modern.

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