Varieties of tulips with decorative leaves

Recently, growers are increasingly delighting us with new varieties of tulips with fancy-shaped flowers, with terry and multi-colored petals. But not everyone knows that some tulips have no less spectacular leaves.

Tulips with variegated, striped and fancy leaves are not so few, but for some reason they are rarely lodged in flower beds. And in vain! After all, spectacular leaves decorate a flower bed longer than buds.

Red Riding Hood

These undersized tulips of Greig (up to 30 cm high) have very beautiful striped leaves. At the end of April - beginning of May, saturated red scarlet flowers with a diameter of up to 12 cm appear on the plant. It is noteworthy that the buds do not bloom in the shade. And when illuminated by the sun, the tulip petals form a flat star.

Sweet Lady

This variety also belongs to the class of Greig. Plant height - up to 30 cm. Motley decorative leaves create an excellent background for attractive flowers. They have silky petals of soft salmon color, and a bud base is bronze-green with a yellow tinge.

Dreambot (Dream Boat)

This variety is similar to the previous one: the plants also have striped leaves. But the color of flowers a little richer, it is coral.

Among Graig tulips there are other similar varieties with purple striped green leaves: Mary Ann, Oriental Beauty, Ali Baba, Pinocchio, Cape Cod, Addis, Princess Sharmant and etc.

Little Princess

These low-growing botanical tulips are ideally combined with imperial grouse thanks to fiery orange flowers. In the center of the bud at the base of the petals there is a black-brown "star" in a yellow "frame", while the rest of the petal is painted in bright orange color. Dark green basal leaves of a tulip Little Princesses thin and sharp, as if folded in half.

China Town

This variety is from the class of viridiflora (green flowered tulips). These attractive flowers have green backs of petals, and the bud itself is soft pink. Adult plants have rather large green leaves with a milk border, and young leaves are even more spectacular - with a pinkish tinge. Plant height - up to 50 cm. Tulip China Town blooms in early May for 10 days.

Esperanto (Esperanto)

Variety also refers to the green-flowered tulips. The leaves are wide, basal light green shade with a wide white border around the edges, it gives the bush a decorative look throughout the growing season. The color of the buds is bright, rich pink.

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