11 tips for gardening in the style of Provence (photo)

French romance seduces many of us, but not everyone has the opportunity to go on a trip to the Mediterranean. Try to recreate the style of Provence in the garden with your own hands, and we will show you how to do it.

The famous locality in the south of France has been a source of inspiration for romantic natures for decades. Provence attracts thinly feeling a delicate range of shades, lightness of forms. It is not surprising that many gardeners are eager to recreate the atmosphere of French villages on their land. We offer some simple tips to help you get your own Provence garden. Making a garden in the style of Provence - it's not at all difficult!

1. Place in the garden flowerpots and hanging pots

You can decorate even a small area with the help of cute hanging pots and flowerpots placed in the garden. Such mini-flower gardens fit organically into the design of the Provence garden. About what flowers to plant in a pot, so that they look harmoniously in your unusual garden, read at the end of the article (hint: the list is not limited to lavender!).

Cache-pot can be bought in the store, but if you like needlework, you will probably think about how to build a pot with your own hands. We are pleased to share with you two of our master classes that will help you make pots, a ball of heather and coconut pots. And in order to not forget to take care of the flowerpots with the arrival of autumn cold, read our material on this topic:

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2. Use natural stones

Garden elements made of natural stone (for example, retaining walls or terrace finishes) are indispensable attributes of Provencal style in landscape design. Stones, especially those twined with greenery, give the garden naturalness and a certain mystery: the “old” stones keep their own, unknown history. The haze of mystery is one of the components of the French charm, including in the design of the site. Try building a wall of natural stone yourself and see how the garden will change.

3. Install a gazebo or pergola

A place for solitude - this is what must be in any garden. We just need to “hide” from time to time from the hustle and bustle, spending time in thought and contemplation of the beautiful or with a cup of fragrant tea and a good book. The cozy arbor fits perfectly for this. In the Provencal garden, an arbor or pergola from natural material, for example, from wood, will look organically. Choosing a color to paint the structure, give preference to white. This classic version will perfectly fit into the general mood of the garden and will serve as an ideal background for climbing plants.

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4. Decorate the facade of the house

One hundred percent hit in the style of Provence - "blooming" walls. There is nothing difficult in planting unpretentious perennial climbing plants near the walls of the house. They beautifully braid the walls and create the desired effect of carelessness, causing associations with the sunny French coast. Particularly atmospheric look entrance doors and windows framed with decorative vines.

5. Install the fountain

The south of France is characterized by dry weather. In order to have at their disposal a source of constant coolness, the inhabitants of Provence often install fountains in their gardens. Why don't you take advantage of this idea? In our latitudes, the fountain will serve as an ornament rather than an important functional addition to the site. So, the main thing that you will need to take care of when considering the concept and planning the installation is the appearance of the fountain.

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6. Make narrow paths

Garden paths are called "garden arteries". In the case of the Provencal style, the paths must meet two conditions: they must be winding and narrow. Do not be afraid, you do not need to make such all the paths in the garden and balance them like a tightrope walker; it is enough to lay several narrow branches from the main garden path.

7. Arrange wicker furniture

This feature of the style arose because in the south of France a large number of vineyards grow, whose vine is suitable for weaving. This does not mean that you urgently need to break a vineyard and learn to weave. It is enough to pay attention to wicker furniture from various materials (for example, rattan), presented in numerous stores.

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8. Decorate the garden items "antique"

One of the main components of the Provence style - the effect of "rubbing". Since garden decorations must be present in the Provencal garden, make sure that the print of time is guessed in them. Some things can be aged artificially, sometimes wiping paint off them. Surely you have nice old chairs, tables or vases - their hour of triumph has arrived! The main thing - objects should not look cumbersome or too modern.

9. Plant ornamental plants for Provence garden

The basic rule here is the use of the traditional gamma characteristic of Provence: shades of blue, violet, pink and white. Here are some ornamental plants suitable for creating flower beds in Provençal gardens: sweet peas, sedum, delphinium, clematis, catnip, Japanese anemone, roses with delicate petals, poppy samoseyka. A wonderful addition is the grass grasses of silvery, pinkish and delicate golden hues.

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10. Place in the flower garden vegetables and herbs

The combination of ornamental plants, herbs, herbs and vegetables in one flower garden is unusual for us, but quite a typical feature of the garden in Provence style. Plant plants such as sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender, pumpkin, zucchini, and others. A decorative garden is not only an original, but also an ergonomic solution for owners of small areas.

11. Pick up trees and shrubs for the French garden

Trees in the gardens of the southern coast of France, like fountains, perform not so much an aesthetic as a practical function. In the shadow of a spreading crown you can always hide from the scorching sun. For the French country is characterized by a combination of fruit and ornamental crops. Here are some shrubs and trees that look organically in the Provencal garden: chubushnik, boxwood, forsythia, hydrangea, hairy willow, apple tree, cherry, apricot, virgin juniper, narrow-leaved loch, grapes.

The most important thing in the design of the site - in this garden you should be comfortable. If the Mediterranean flavor seems too pale, and your heart does not want to rest at all, read our Guide to Garden Styles and pick something to your liking. We, in turn, are very curious to look at your sites, designed in a certain style - share photos in the comments!

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